Thinking of asking for haldol or perphenazine

i have been looking at every single antipsychotic med doing research and seeing what i can afford and im thinking about trying a typical ap since i need a new med and i have been on almost every atypical ap

about a year ago i made a post asking about what taking haldol is like when i first quit zyprexa and was off meds so i am thinking haldol since it is once of the most effective meds

but im gonna ask about perphenazine also it is medium potency instead of high potency but i really dont want to have to take a med more than once a day and it is shown that haldol is more effective

i already have some cogentin at my house just in case i get an EPS that my pdoc prescribed before when i was on geodon but i never took it

i really dont want to go back on olanzapine now that i think about it the weight gain and high cholesterol and sleep paralysis every night and how it makes me eat all day long
i dont want it i didnt lose 55 pounds for nothing.
i am hoping haldol or maybe perphenazine will be effective and not cause too bad of side effects

What does your doctor say? I am not sure if you are giving enough time for each medication to actually see results. Maybe you also need a combination of medication.


i see my doctor on september 7th, i dont have insurance right now that is why it will be a while until i go to the doctor but they said it should be approved by next month,
i ran out of abilify two days ago i was on it for like 2 months at 10 mg it didnt even work it made the voices get louder when i switched to it from geodon, geodon was horrible, seroquel didnt work and zyprexa worked but i gained too much weight
i am mainly considering the typical aps in case there is no insurance again in the future i will still be able to pay for them

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I tried the haldol pills and they would work for me a while then they wouldn’t. Doctor said it’s cause i have a high tolerance and med resistant. So he put me on the injection which is working well have been on it almost two months.

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I am sorry for that :frowning:
Hope it will be solved. If Zyprexa worked for you, can’t you compromise of eating less and exercising. Imagine having peace of mind…

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In my humble experience, Haldol and Perphenazine are both ineffective and have terrible side effects as compared to atypicals. Especially atypicals in combination.

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Haldol worked great for me. The only side effect I noticed was EPS. It made my eyes roll upward and my neck contort uncontrollably. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a high enough dose to keep the positive symptoms quiet, even with cogentin to counter the EPS. I’m on abilify now and it’s going well.

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