Pictures of my "Visions"

Most of these I did on MS Paint so the quality isn’t that great, but they are basically things i’ve seen on occasion over the years.
One is a photo of what appears to be some kind of gnome. I don’t think my camera was hallucinating.

The next 2 are the photo I took in 1997, with the second one inverting colors

This one is just a photo i got offline but I have seen this type of portal open up a few times

Tree 'spirits" or auras, 1982

I didn’t draw this but I saw something just about like her in 2003, she was about 3’ tall.


Very interesting insight! Thank you for sharing! )))

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I think some of it has been spiritual, and some technological.

I saw something like this float by the window in my room a couple years ago. It was about the size of a soccer ball, but looked like some sort of satellite. In my house. I theorized it was some type of inter-dimensional spy device.

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Made of light, the size of a tree, very pissed off.

Close enough, being made of light wearing a dress, only white light where a face should be, i heard “ssssshhhhhhhh” next to my head.

This captures the feel of it, what people would call a ghost floated by a window in plain site, her face was in complete view and she wore old clothes.

The shadow person i saw was directly in front of me, except it had blue eyes, like stars in the night sky. I also saw another shadow that wasn’t shaped like a person.

This showed up about three in the morning nearly floating over the city, it made no sound and was moving very very slowly, and it was so damn close you just wouldn’t believe it, there was no mistaking it.

Someone also grabbed my vision during psychosis and became the movie i was watching, a charachter on the film slowly turned around and began grinning and staring at me, he put his hands on his hips and kind of pranced, it was wierd, of course i know it was a hallucination and no one would have seen it but i also knew it was being made to happen by someone.


the first alien picture, i have them in the house at the moment , they are operating on me at night time.
but they are friendly.
there eyes are bigger and they are 8 foot tall .
take care

Similar source of visions I would say. Funny you mention blue eyes in the shadow guy that were like stars. I saw a shadow guy in 1985 just like the picture, and when I said “Jesus” it started having little blue shooting stars move through it and slowly faded.

I couldn’t find my alien drawing but what you posted pretty much sums it up.

The triangle? most likely nuclear powered TR3B craft. I wish they didn’t get so close sometimes. Never saw one physically, but that portal thing opened up one night and i saw one from above flying above the clouds. I’ve also seen a NASA video where the shuttle camera caught one flying.and it looked like it was at the very edge of the atmosphere.

Here’s a still shot of it from the shuttle footage.

And here’s a drawing of the one i saw in 2003…Note the rear of the triangle is not strait, but angled slightly? Same with the one in the NASA photo… I pretty much saw what the shuttle crew did, except directly above the craft and closer, like my drawing.

But my very first vision? Right here, when i was 8 years old. laying in my bed reading and i sensed a presence and looked up from my book, there was that Buffalo head looking fully 3D right in the corner by the ceiling.

That thing was way powerful too, full of energy, and it scared me bad! Of course my Dad could have told us we were part Native american, but nope. He hid that fact till I was in my 20s and by then i sensed it and just asked him. But after that I learned it’s natural for someone Native called to a spiritual path having such a vision as a child.

@ Darksith: there are tall greys and short greys that look about the same only having a vast difference in size. i have only seen the short 3’ ones…

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these aliens are new to me , but i find it interesting.
take care

Shaman talk about operations as well.

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I’ve had a few visions seem to manifest into reality. I’m going to paint some of my visions now I’m so inspired!!

I sent you one of mine that more than seemed to manifest into reality, it DID manifest in reality but I’m not posting it here…

Are you going to post any paintings of your visions?

personally seeing all the aliens , different universes, spaceships, chatting to them, that is the interesting part of sz.
take care

Yes, I agree. But a word of caution: it can have a downside in the long run if one is not very careful. a person can become too caught up in it…Some people form cults around aliens and UFOs, like Heavens Gate and they all committed suicide because of what they believed.

The different universes / dimensions are quite awesome though.
And most of my experiences have been positive, I’ve learned things, like things inspired.

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i have seen things and been to places that are far beyond my tiny imagination, but i agree some people sz and muggle can get too caught up in their visions.
i have had some annoying alien experiences but even then they meant no harm , i was just not in the best mood for being observed !!
take care

I found my Alien drawing from 2002 !