Taking pictures of visuals

I didn’t know where to put this so if it’s in the wrong section I’m sorry. I’ve never expierenced that vivid of visual hallucinations before but I think I might of just have. I don’t know if it was just a shadow or what but it didn’t have a place of reference like a shadow normally would have, it possibly could’ve been something as simple as clothes hanging but I don’t know. It looked like it was from space and I remember a really round helmet head and the fingers really bothered me. My question is, should I try to be brave enough and go take a picture of it with my phone to see if it’s real or not if that’d even help. I’m not sure what to do but I would like to go upstairs and can’t. Any ideas? I’ve been quiet anxious all day and I could just be thinking I saw something when I didn’t. I don’t want to provoke anything though. Help please -Lam


It wont hurt you… Take the photo.


yes take the photo. prove it to yourself that it’s not real.

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Or if it is real it might show, like the orbs, entities, and UFOs I have caught from time to time.


Seriously, the galaxy class starship??

Another one:



Faerie lights or energy


Gnome, forest being…


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take the photo…there is nothing to be scared of …our imagination,…can go ’ wild ’ if we let it.
take care :alien:
p.s…if you get scared just send what ever it is to me…dark sith, australia…i am happy to destroy it for you, ’ things ’ run away from me.


I didn’t know you were an aussie, sith. Or are you? Anyway, thank you guys very much. I took the picture and there was nothing there. Guess I need to go see the doctor again but at least I know.

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They sure don’t like their picture taken, and when possible, they make sure you don’t have any either.
I have/had? some very odd pictures, showed them to others, printed them up, then they go missing.

Faces in unusual places always make me laugh.

Tell me about it! I had that happen and they tried their hardest to delete every photo from the internet. back then i was saving things to floppy disks so i had done that. I mean, i even had one of the pics photoshoped and deleted out of an email while I was trying to send it to a photo analyst. Right in front of my eyes they put a black smudge over the object. But they only went so far and i even had some hard copies printed. Then I left it alone for a couple years till things cooled down and was able to post the pics…

Doesn’t seem like much… an energy cloud, UFO ~ something along those lines…