Here are some of the things i've seen


This is not only for you guys but anyone who may happen upon this site.

Here are some of the things i’ve seen, they are portrayed in graham hancock’s “angels, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca” video on youtube quite well, many of them anyway.

Ill give the times in the video to show people what i’ve seen, apparently im not the only one who has seen them but people from everywhere and everytime have as well. This video is worth a watch all the way through.

44:22 , my first visual hallucination, an “alien”, a grey, didn’t appear to be physical.

43:06 a ufo, a perfect triangle, black, very close to ground, almost hovering and made no sound

41:45 they came to me in a dream as a child, as a wolf, these dreams are not normal dreams.

41:45 “shapeshifting” is mentioned on the page. During first psychosis they mentioned shapeshifting.

47:05 he mentions “faeries”, when they abducted people they would take them to a cave. First psychosis voices mentioned someone in the caves as i went through “cave city”, i saw the sign naming the town and they spoke up and mentioned caves and beings in the caves.

47:46 Bottom left of the screen, saw that guy during second psychosis, half of a goat, “pan”, a satyr, he appeared entirely physical.

46:00 “Faeries and elves”. First psychosis i looked up and the bus driver had “faery and/or elf” ears, this visual appeared completely physical.

He does not include shadow people or beings that appear as light, saw those to. And a “ghost” that appeared human also.

“Schizophrenia” is not schizophrenia at all, not that im a shaman or anything like terence mckenna thinks, but the same ones the shaman see are who i have seen, it’s just not schizophrenia, and the psychosis of schizophrenia is not exactly psychosis at all.



Riddle me this. why are most madalas six-sided and schizophrenics tend to produce four-sided madalas?

That was a kewl video! Of course, one doesn’t have to take drugs to enter those states of consciousness.