Physical torture

How many of you have encountered physical torture ?

I used to experience head torture. It felt like the head pressure was so extreme that my head was one step away from imploding. Other times it felt like my head was about to explode. In both cases the pain was well beyond the screaming level of torture such that no one knew of my situation since no one heard me scream in agony.

One time the pain seemed to be focused toward a specific place of my head. I passed out due to the extreme level of pain.

In the morning after waking up I rubbed my head in that spot and noticed that I now had in indentation in my skull in which my fingers could rest within. I did not go to the hospital since I was so fed up with the endless losing of the battle.

That indentation is still there to this day.

Then there are times that as I go to bed my legs are being attacked. It feels like an active war is going on. The next few days my calf muscles are aching big time to the extent that it is too painful to be able to walk.

Then there is the case of the itchy throat. I end up coughing endlessly.

Then there is the case in which while on the treadmill it feels as though a leg muscle is damaged big time. But I know that there is no damage at all and so I keep on going even though that level of pain would send anyone else straight to the hospital. Magically, it then disappears.

Then there is the times when one tooth is being attacked. It hurts like hell. As the result, if I clench my teeth together I can not do so since that one upper tooth is extending much lower than the rest and so it is the only tooth that can make contact with the lower teeth, so I see that this is B S and thus wait for this problem to go away, and over several days, it does.

During the night when my head felt like it was going to explode, my eyes were protruding while my face was also all swollen. The next day I thought that things were back to normal but on that day I got my drivers licence renewed. They took a new picture of me, but if you look at the picture you will see that my face was still swollen to some degree and my glasses were not touching my nose because they were now resting on my swollen cheeks.

Man, I deal with extreme head pressure too.
Think it’s because of anxiety/stress/OCD.

Ever symptom you explained is normal.
Happens to a lot of people.

You correlating a indentation to your head is probably throwing you off.
It’s not plausiable in any real psychical element I know of.

Schizophrenia’s is a hell of a place, I’d just calculated as a draw of the trade. Maybe you could be a little hypochondriac, (having a anxiety when it comes to health), just a idea, I wouldn’t really know.
If you think about all the stress this illness symptoms cause, you could probably come to understand these experiences your dealing with.

Anyways best of luck hopefully the symptoms get better. :grin:

I’ve had alllll sorts of stuff happen to me. Tactile hallucinations are wild my friend.

Not sure what your situation is. I hope none of these things are due to serious medical issues. It sounds terrible.

Been there. Long ago, I quit seeing my dentist, or any dentist for that matter, all due to my bodies violent reaction to the mercury that is present within my amalgam fillings.

( These days, extreme measures are taken to protect the person and to protect the dentist and assistants if an amalgam filling is being removed. Buy Law, the removed material has to be disposed of as “HAZARDOUS MATERIAL”, and this is so because mercury is one of the most extreme toxins. )

Anyhow, after about ten years I developed severely impacted wisdom teeth. They caused jaw pain, cheek pain, neck pain, ear pain, and headaches. In other words, a lot of nerves were being affected. But before finding a dentist that i could trust, I saw my Doctor instead. I suggested that it was probably severely impacted wisdom teeth. He said that there was nothing wrong with me and that it was all in my head. Hence to him, I was seen as being Mr. hypochondriac.

But I found a dentist who was also a friend of my brother’s. He took x-rays and said that it was not a case of severely impacted wisdom teeth, but instead that it was a case of nasty nasty severely impacted wisdom teeth, the kind of a case that you see in medical books as examples of worst cases possible.

So my GP, with absolute certainty, thought that I was out to lunch. But the X-rays said the exact opposite.

Six months later, I ended up with pus infections in all 4 places where the wisdom teeth were previously located. Rather than contact the oral surgeon who had removed my nasty wisdom teeth at a hospital, I contacted my GP. When I got to his office, he was gone due to an emergency call. So I was sent to another doctor in the same building. I spoke to this other doctor and told him of the current symptoms which were basically the same as the symptoms that I experienced due to the severely impacted wisdom teeth, but my guess was that it was now due to a pus infection. But before having finished giving all the details, with extreme anger being expressed upon his face, he told me to stop, and said that there was nothing wrong with me, and proceeded to describe me as being a hypochondriac.

I soon left his office such that I would not punch this absolute idiot in the face.

I then eventually was in contact with my oral surgeon’s partner, since my oral surgeon was not available. He listened to my description of my symptoms with an open mind. He quickly knew what was most likely the problem and told me to open my mouth. He reached in with one finger, squeezed my gum where one of the wisdom teeth used to be, and quickly showed me this big blob of pure white pus that was now sitting on the end of his finger. “Here is your problem”, he said. “You have a nasty case of pus infections.”.

So, the idiot doctor said, with absolute anger expressed upon his face, that I was a hypochondriac, yet my oral surgeon, and a pile of pus, both said the exact opposite.

Also, I ended up in physical trouble once due to a go kart accident and was quickly taken by others to the nearby hospital. That saved my life. An operation was performed. But this particular hospital was dedicated to the elderly. Those who took me there did not know of this. But at the hospital they decided to check me over anyhow. Again, in doing so, in the long run they saved my life.

But over the last 49 years, any doctor that I have encountered who has asked me about me having had any previous surgeries, each rolled their eyes, expressed anger, and violently told me, with absolute 100% certainty expressed upon their face, that “They don’t do operations like that at the “Branson” hospital.”, and did so once I informed them of the details.

Once, I passed out due to hypoglycemia and ended up in the “Western” hospital. But once able to be speaking to a doctor, you can guess what the doctor said next about my previous surgery. Yep, he too started off with the eye rolling. But after that, he even yelled at a nurse saying “GET HIM OUT OF HERE, NOW !”.

So those are just SOME of the examples of the many eye rolling wrongful responses that I have had to deal with over the years.

This is the kind of crap that the medical community has thrown at me over the last 49 years.