Physical symptoms when stressed?

Who here experiences physical symptoms when (acutely) stressed ? In my case i can experience flu like symptoms that last from a few to 24 hours and feel wiped out.


Wow @firemonkey, I get the same thing. My body kinda shuts down and I get sick and throw up a lot.

For me it’s feeling achy and feverish.

I will also quickly fly into panic mode. Stress is huge in my life right now, and I’m nearing the end of my rope. My tolerance is all used up.

Yup, vomiting and horrible nausea. Also heart palpitations and high blood pressure. My doctor said there are 3 systems that anxiety overrides: gastrointestinal, cardio, and immune.

If it weren’t for the anxiety symptoms, I’d be able to force myself to go out and do things despite the paranoia. It’s really the anxiety that bars me from working too.

In my family sz seems to be some kind of auto immune disorder. When my son had his first psychotic episode I managed to get him to take an aspirin, and half an hour later he was more lucid and able to cooperate again. Have you tried just treating these events like flu? I mean, take an anti-inflammatory every six hours or so, and rest?

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I burn inside when I get anxious. my gut feels like fire sometimes.


Heart palpitations, voices announcing throw-up/diarrhea (days of fun), bad headaches for 5 seconds, wind knocked out of me, temporary asthma, dog tired to wired in 5 seconds, insomnia 2+ days…TONS OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS IF I COMPLAINED TO PDOC TOO MUCH.

I’ve been riding the roller coaster bad with my care team, education goals, employer and move in with relatives after living out of town for couple of years. Living with the belligerent & miserable parental units is not fun either…I think I’ve done the best I could but still do the compulsive eating thing to soothe so still hugely fat…so fat I got hurt so badly due to weight, almost ended up in wheelchair. To improve my health/weight, I had to just choose work or school at one time and had to give up living on my own for a while so I can deal with cost of school without having to pay all my living expenses alone.

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Sometimes when I am stressed my stomach bothers me - irritable bowel - the runs things like that, also feeling out of sorts in general - cold then hot flashes


i thought that was normal for sz and muggles , totally normal people can lose the plot when too much stress is brought into their lives.
take care

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I tend to get insomnia an then 10 day worth of migraine. These are accompanied by chest pain and diarreha.

yes, this is exactly how I feel, I have myathesia gravis. and then the doc says, well, maybe it’s a flu bug :frowning:

I rest, a few days later, I feel better.

Stress hit’s my stomach and then I can’t eat. It runs in the family. I’ll throw up a lot and just have no appetite. Also, it seems that stress makes me sleep walk. I’ll wake up in a different part of the apartment other then my bed.

I’m beginning to think that where I wake up is a clue to what I’m stressed about. I do know when I’m worried about my kid sis, I’ve been waking up on the floor in her room. When I’m stressed about strangers or people breaking in, I’ve been waking up on the floor near our back or front door. That’s just my theory. I could be wrong.

I just get really bad back pain. And a head ache and I also start to shake and sweat like crazy.

Stress does nothing good for me that is for sure. It is hard for me to pinpoint what symptoms I experience are exclusive to being stressed as i am usually suffering from anxiety, paranoia and other things in addition to the stress.

Feeling sick to my stomach, almost cramp like symptoms are common. I do feel a bit more hot when I am stressed. Inability to focus and think clearly. Headaches. Sweating. Increased heart rate. Shaking.

Yes i do, my bones ache and feel weak pains in my lower back i thought it was only me, its like the flu. if i get a good night sleep i feel better in the morning. But the thing is i did not realize i was stressed i get it alot.