Feeling cold when stressed

Does anyone here feel cold(slightly or more) when stressed ? It has been about 62 F here today but I have felt slightly cold. The stressor is the one previously mentioned for which, in a roundabout way, I was told to shut up about and not expect sympathy

It seems to have connection:

And hey firemonkey, I appreciate your contribution and participation in my recent two posts.

I do feel cold when I’m stressed. If it also is actually a bit cold, I shiver way more when I’m stressed. I also have need to urinate more urgently (not meaning to be gross. Hope that doesn’t offend) I have noticed both though.

Oh I think I made a huge mistake: Feeling cold and colds itself seems to be two different things.


I don’t know whether the above is a good source, but it had the info I wanted. I get so cold. As a teenager, when I started to become ill, my hands and feet were ice blocks in normal room temps. Fight or flight or freeze is real.

Expect sympathy here, empathy even. I get super cold when I’m stressed or anxious. I wear lots of layers and usually jackets and sweaters well into the beginning of summer.

The body is massively affected by stress.

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I feel so cold lately and it has been 60 degrees F out. I had to turn on the portable heater for the last two days as the furnace was shut off for the summer. Plus I’ve been wearing a teeshirt and sweater.
Go figure.

Feeling cold does seem to be anxiety/stress related. It is not my usual reaction though that tends to be either flu like symptoms(achy joints, feeling flushed) or derealisation.