Physical feelings


I’ve read some people’s responses and some actually physically feel their voices doing something to them like choking them or trying to decapitate their heads. I feel people inside my body sometimes making my forehead feel numb or trying to break my skull, Also was poisoned which felt like my brain was melting. I feel helpless. I feel like they can cause mental retardation at the worst. Sometimes because they’re underneath my skin that they can change my appearance also. Need to take these people out of my body don’t want these people to have this power over me.


sorry you are hurting.
they don’t have power over you, it just feels like that, your mind is creating fears that don’t exist…
believe it or not but you are in charge.
take care


Have you talked to your doctor about it?
I’ve heard other people around here talking about that.


Fear plus tactile hallucinations can make it all worse. I hope you talk to your doc and manage to get past this one.


I frequently have tactile hallucinations. I have not found a reliable means of dealing with them. They are the hallucinations that bother me the most.