Last tactile you've had

Today I got to hallucinate having my throat slit. It didn’t even hurt that bad just hard to breath.

That sounds awful. The last one I had was little fingers poking my back while in bed. But that was about 10 years ago. I obviously got off lucky when it came to tactiles.

I’m sorry. I felt someone tap me on the back earlier today. Not nearly the same thing.

Thankfully I haven’t had a tactile in ages!! Don’t even remember what my last one was.

I get ones of being severely injured like that as well. I always thought of them as death memories…as in that’s how I died in a past life

I invariably get a tactile hallucination which is a poke in the right buttock which is my brain remembering for me that I had a Thorazine shot during my first hospitalization which turned into something quite unpleasant. I felt as if I were being tortured with the side effects. They had no good reason to give me the injection in the first place. This was 50 or so years ago and my brain still remembers this every day.

Welcome back @martinhersey1 !!!

Mine is when they inject me with stuff… I have needle phobia, which doesn’t help the experience.

It’s worse after I get my yearly bloodwork done.

Yes, I have tactile hallucinations, sometimes more intense than other times. Unfortunately I have a dual diagnosis, and these tactiloe hallucinations only seem to respond to one method of amelioration. They are combined with my voices who insist on me committing suicide. They say they are settinjg me up as a pedophile, by lying to bikies and others, and have proclaimed just an hour ago, that because I reacted to my tactile hallucinations in the only way that works, I am to be murdered at 0730 tomorrow. There has also been an incident with a famous Australian that they stated they are going to “stich me up with”. What should I do? Please help.

Right now. It sucks.
@ninjastar zombie thread!

I was feeling hands touching my penis