Not been doing so well

I have been feeling tactile hallucinations for weeks now, day and night my nerves tingle with objects that are not there; they hurt and it is wearing me down. It pisses me off. Wish it could stop I guess I can only jot it down and get some moral support.


Are you taking meds ? If it’s wearing you down then tou need to speak to your psychiatrist. It doesn’t sound very pleasant.


Yeah I have they been getting worse. I’m thinking getting another appointment. But I will tell them I do not want invega shot, it makes me a slob.

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I deal with this same issue day and night. It gets aggravating, moving around and exercising helps distract myself from being messed with.

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Yeah I have to distract myself or else it won’t go away. Today I feel the top of my thigh getting sliced slowley.

I’m glad someone else may understand what I am going through. Being messed with physically by unseen forces on a constant basis is extremely overwhelming. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who has to distract themselves from it.

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Yeah it is definitely one of the rare symptoms I seen talked about. Glad to know I’m not the only one bro. We got this though, we are fighters, man don’t give up.

I suffer from tactile hallucinations also and I see a shadow person touching me all over. Just letting you know.

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I hope you see better days, schizophrenia is a cruel illness

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