Can ur voices threaten tactile hallucinations and then carry them out?

my voices threaten to rape me in an out of body manner, give me a stroke, a heart attack, choke me and break my neck…nice huh. i know that if they r just voices then none of these things could happen, but if they r out of body personalities then they could. i don’t tend to dwell on it though but just wondering if urs do the same. i haven’t felt anything of these threats in a tactile manner just yet but i think that maybe i will in the future. can ur voices do this?

What is this nonsense you’re on about now? I swear every time I see a post from you I have to cringe because I just know there is going to be some outrageous claim in it. I remember an old post from you on the old forum where you claimed to have 270 different voices or some such garbage. Cool it with this unhelpful mess.


thanks for the support alien99! i do have over 200 voices and thank u very much for ur understanding…not.


they can’t hurt you whether the voices are in side your head or out side it is just paranoia.
it is horrible i know, you think it is possible, you look over your shoulder and so on…know that some one cares , and understands.
take care

thanx sith xxx blah 20 characters

No problem. Instead of bringing everybody down, try posting something positive and uplifting. These competitions to see how whacked-out in the head people are is disturbing.

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it’s not a competition alien99 and my last post about doing something dumb whilst psychotic actually prooved to b quite engaging with everyone apart from u. i do usually post positive things such as what people are managing on a day to day basis. just because u don’t like a post doesn’t mean that nobody else does. if u don’t like it, scroll on!

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You’ve proven time and again on here that you’re interested in one thing - one-upping people. Think rationally: how can a non-existent voice hurt you? You’ve already said you don’t believe in them…how could they hurt you? Something’s not adding up, jayne. One day, you’re saying hypnosis will take them away, the next you’re saying how “bad” the voices are. You can’t have it both ways. Frankly, I think you’re here for amusement, not in search of bettering yourself. You’ve already said how no medicine will help you, and that this “schizophrenia” you have is part of a big conspiracy to discredit you. Help clear all this up for me because it’s clear as mud to me.

how the hell am i constantly one-upping people. a lot of us have had the same thoughts and types of experiences and some of us like to talk about those experiences because it helps to know that ur not alone. i’ve been told by many hypnotherapists that they think they can take voices away with hypnosis, as yet i can’t afford that kind of treatment so i’m stuck with them until i can. i don’t know of it will work or not but they seem quite confident so when i have the money i will try it. u know, everyone on this board is entitled to b unsure of themselves sometimes and maybe i’m just having a bit of a wobble at the moment. i come here for support and understanding and i certainly don’t understand where ur coming from accusing me of one up manship. here for amusement? u think suffering is amusing? most of the time i’m a very positive person, sometimes i’m not. personally i don’t think any med i try will get rid of the voices but i’m open to trying new meds and am infact starting hadol quite shortly. my beliefs r what they r. i don’t remember ever belittling urs when u were not doing so well so kindly extend me the same courtesy.

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Look, I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from, I am. However, I have a hard time wrapping my head around hypnosis taking away voices. There are so many detractors of hypnosis you could fill a book with their names. I think you have more insight than you give yourself credit for (or acknowledge). I understand being a little “wobbly,” but I’m trying to challenge some of the things you may think are going on, when in reality, they are not.

When I felt threatened, scared of someone harming me I try to be around people I feel safe around and someone or something that can protect me. I know it must be a frightening experience being threatened like that.

well i don’t know if it will work either but i’m wiling to give anything a try at this stage, hence the new med. yes i am a little wobbly. most of the time i accept my voices for what i believe them to b, splinters of the self but i have seen things that makes me sometimes think otherwise and i don’t hallucinate visually. yes i believe in the conspiracy because i have the scars, both physical and psychological and so do my kids. i’m not here to make enemies, but i have my beliefs and i will stick to then as that’s what i know to b true. challenging beliefs i’m all for. challenging voices i’m all for which was what the original post was about. sometimes i have a wobble and give credence to what the voices threaten, most of the time i don’t. it’s very easy to tell some one else their voices aren’t real but sometimes dealing with ur own is difficult

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yes it can b. thanx for ur understanding hunni. xxx

I think it wise of you to keep on trying meds. It took YEARS, friggin YEARS of tampering with my meds to get them right. I am not easy to medicate. I require extremely high doses of meds, to the point the pdoc becomes uneasy with me. I am on 3 antipsychotics: Haldol, Navane, and Stelazine. I’ve been as high as 80 mg of Haldol to keep me under control. So I know where you’re coming from. I want you to know I don’t hate you or think you’re an idiot or whatever. I just wanted to see where you’re coming from.

I believe voices can be really real too. They can effect us mentally and physically. We have to stay strong and positive and be around supportive people. Voices/images can be real and can stem from the outside world or spiritual. Hearing voices can stem from a lot of things. Mine i feel is a game people play if they can get into and possess my body or mind.

No it isn’t. Voices and images are manufactured by the brain. You are on a schizophrenia website. Not a spirituality forum. You must understand sz is causing this, else you wouldn’t be here.

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i totally believe
i see hell,
the aliens,
the monsters,
the demons,
the dark angels,
the golden angels ( rare though)
i could go on…

i don’t believe (or just don’t care anymore)
in the cameras,
the people following me,
bugging my phone,
i could go on…

the things i say on here can be all over the place, but it is important that we be supportive of each other no matter the delusion.
also to word things in ways that are not going to offend others.
( says the guy with the swastika as my sign, but hey it was given to me , not chosen ! )
take care


They have not only threatened to harm me but have actually done so.

I was once horribly shocked, although not for long, it was very painful, and they appeared for a moment while it happened, grinning and staring at me. It had fangs.

I was also burned on my hand, not horribly but it was apparent, it left two marks for a bit and while it was happening they appeared again.

I know they can hurt people and do at times, whomever they are and however they do it, it does and can happen, i think people should know this.

I agree totally with alien99.

Jayne Beal
I’ve experienced everything you wrote about see an old post from me on the old forum asking some of the same questions. Don’t let anyone downplay or minimize the amount and kind of suffering you personally experience through schizophrenia. Although we all do have similar experiences we also experience suffering that is very unique to ourselves. Stay strong.