Pet owners, identify which pet is your favorite>

I am a cat person. I will send pictures of them, just can’t on this Chromebook that I am using to communicate with you, Right now, I have two Molly(3y.o.) and Trixie(8 months old). Are there anymore cat lovers out there?


Dog person here. If you couldn’t tell from my profile pic.


got a pic to share?

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I prefer cats but I can’t have any animals in my house.


Um…my dog currently has a cone. Do you want a pic coneless or with cone?

Btw, its good to see you participating in forum outside of say anything lately :slight_smile: .


Thank you I am trying, I was going to ask if this thread is more appropriate than the one that got closed down?

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I have four cats. Starlord, Skye, Midna and Sunny. They are all very different personalities, and are rescue cats so they are all a bit touched in the noggin. Lol


Absolutely. Nice thread. Btw we have had a discussion on the merits of past shutting down of those threads and may be open to allowing some of those questions in the future. Probably not most likeable, but maybe some of the others, so your thread was a partial inspiration for a change in moderation.

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Thank you. I am trying to be more socialable with the people of the forum and not just the regulars that stay on Say Anything. I would prefer a pic of Maggie without the cone if possible.

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I rarely post in the say anything thread, because it’s too busy for me to keep up, so I appreciate this thread.


I have a new iPad, can’t find the old one but this a picture of Tricia.


Here’s Daisy, she’s trying to work out what I am doing with my phone :slight_smile:


I am a dog person, although I was the crazy horse girl all my life till I literally was forced to stop riding due to my health last year. Here’s a horse picture and a dog picture of my service dog :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m a cat person who is no longer allowed to have an animal as dad is getting older and he’s grumpy.

This was Charlie. Was in my life for 20 years and got her a year into my sz journey. Amazing companion. Truly a great cat and the thing about cats is you have to make friends with them and then they’ll still get shitty with you and such…I do like all animals and was a dog person as a kid but cats for sz!


I am a cat lover, though I’m an animal lover in general. I have a bunch of cats due to taking in stray kittens, a German Shepherd, and a ferret.

Oh! Also 5 chickens and a duck.


Cats cats cats!

My current loves are Freja, Felix, and Buddy


I am a lover of cats! I have a tuxedo black and white cat named Binx. I also have a lovebird who i love equally much. His name is Minty.


I love all animals but I am a cat person, I’m just crazy about cats! I have one kitty, her name is Ninni and she is 17 years old.

She is my best friend and so important to me. I’m heartbroken as I know she won’t live long anymore. She is very sick and she’s having symptoms of dementia. She has medications. I’m watching her so close and she sees a vet when needed. She doesn’t hear much either. Age doesn’t come alone.


I’m both a cat and dog person. I’d like a dog again in the future.

My cat just licked at my vegan ben and jerries and her face after is a treat, had to post.