Are you more of a dog or cat person?

Why and why not state your reasons for being so ?

I used to be a dog person, but my last pet was a cat. They are more independent and need less care than a dog. I live in an apartment now instead of my mom’s house.


Dog person. I just love the loyalty, unconditional love and company.

I’ve got my corgi/golden retriever mix. Fiancée has a poodle. Mother has a chihuahua. Love them all


I really couldn’t say. Cats are so cool how they act like they are in charge.
And how they gently move themselves against you.

Dogs are so cool too though, so much enthusiasm for the owner!


I would say that I’m both a cat and dog person ! cats are lovable and cute to pet and are independent but thing is it seems that dogs are more loyal and encline to be petted than cats. it seems like a dog will love you no matter what, whereas a cat can not give a damn about you or dislike you


Cat person. There’s something about getting affection from something that is completely independent of you and loves you because they want to. Also easier to care for.


Cat id say, dogs I have mixed reception to



Pups And Kit Kit’s?.

Well, I Honestly Adore Both Of Those Amazing Types of Creatures.

Pups Are Full of Affection And So Are Kit Kit’s.

It Is True, The Kit’s Are Very Independent. But!, Always End Up In Your Lap Somehow Or Someway.

No Matter How Ferocious They Were When They Would Hunt. They Would Always Rest In Your Company And Purr Like A Comfortable Seeker.

I Can’t Help It Though. Pups…, Oh My God!.., PUPS!.

Love…, Love…, LOVE PUPS!!!.

Gonna Adopt One As (((The Strokes, Say~ ‘Someday’.—> (The Orbital Compass-YouTube)

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.


Cats. More interesting animals to me and less needy!


I like dogs. They are more friendly and playful than cats in my opinion. They are just more enthusiastic.


Oh my!! I could never decide!! Cats are more amusing and dogs are loyal and always there. I am both for sure!!


While we have two dogs who are part of the family I am definitely a cat person. Cats are great once they have bonded to you and I mostly like them bc of the comfort they give.

I don’t like that they try to trip me every time I try to walk somewhere but aside from that.

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I’m definitely not a dog fan. Reasons? They stink. They bark and wake me up or bark incessantly when I’m trying to rest off a migraine. They come up and stick their cold nose in your ear when you’re sleeping. They always think they have to stick their noses in your crotch when you’re in a group of people. They poop and pee all over your house. They dash out the door every chance they can get. When they are young, they chew up all your possessions to bits. And their owners usually value them above you and all other humans.

And that last statement is my biggest beef I have with them.


I love all animals, especially dogs and cats…owned both but right now we have a dog that would hurt the cats so I don’t own a cat right now…

I used to be a cat person because I’ve had a cat before but never really had a dog. However, my girlfriend has introduced me to the world of dogs and they’re amazing.


I’m a dog person at heart.
I’ve always owned dogs, ever since I was 7 years old.

Thinking about getting a dog soon.

My father wants to get a Lab.

I like Dachshunds and Terriers.

I’ve owned a cat once in my life.

When I was married.

I like cats too, but not as much as dogs.


I agree with you some dog owners are barking mad no pun intended lol they think their dog is the best thing that walked apon the earth. They literally worship their dogs like shrines and hate cats so much that they would think twice about abusing one. Makes me sad and angry really that these people proclaim to be animal lovers but see cats as vermin. I get that they kill birds but they didnt asked to be domesticated or brought to other countriess so their for it is humans fault not the cats. Cats are just following natural instincts.No Animals deserve that kind of treatment at all. I literally cannot understand those types of people.they are the kind of people to eat meat and say they are vegetarians it’s that ridiculous.

Not all just some

I love dogs. They’re a little too loud and boisterous for me though.

It’s all about the kitties.

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I’m a cat person :cat: