Are you a CAT or a DOG person? Explain?

I never had a dog. I always had cats growing up, my dad kept birds, turtles and I had and fed stray cats.

Now I have a cat, she is exotic long hair, and this is the nicest cat ever. She loves affection, cuddling, purring, treats. I brush her and give her treats, she is nice and rarely says Meow.

My friend adopted a dog last year and this is the first time I had experience with a nice dog. But he barks a lot, at neighbors, strangers, if you adopt a dog, it takes a lot of training and work. He likes to sleep on my legs when I sit but for some reason, this dog is not very responsive. Like when I call his name, he doesn’t look into my eyes like my cat, I don’t know. After spending time with this dog, I realized I’m a CAT person.


I am both. I like Persian cats and Pomeranians, Labs, and Pitbull mix.


I love both cats and dogs, really.

I once had a beautiful half Labrador half Border Collie dog when I was a kid. She was mostly black, with a white stripe that started at her chin and went down to her belly.

My current pet is a kitty, and he’s just awesome.

Not all cats behave the same, and the same goes for dogs. :slight_smile:


That’s good to know. I have another friend who has a Beagle mix dog, this dog has so much energy, steals food, runs for hours, barks, jumps. The energy is too much to handle.


Oh that’s pretty cool. I never knew that Beagles could be so hyper.

I used to know a Jack Russell who was super hyper. He wasn’t neutered and he got a little friendly with my arm one night. LOL!


That’s hilarious :rofl:

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LMAO! :joy: Yeah, that dog was a character, for sure.

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I’m an animal lover. I’m more partial to cats bc we always had them growing up. Oliver, our Blue Heeler, can get on my nerves with his possessive barking by my dad but otherwise he’s a good boy.

I’ve sorta always wanted a budgie or Cockatiel but still haven’t look into it much. Too worried about the two cats in the house. Oh well. Going out birding is good enough for me.


I’m a cat person. I’ve always owned cats as I do now. I generally don’t like dogs although I love my best friends dog. I don’t like the way they poop and pee all over the house, the way they bark when you’re trying to nap, the way they stick their cold nose in your ear when you are asleep, or stick their long tongues down your throat, the way they stick their noses in your groin in public, or the way the male dogs hump your legs, the way they chew your new glasses to shreds when they are puppies, among other things. No, I don’t like dogs at all.

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I love both my dog and cat equally. I couldn’t choose one.


I can’t choose.

But if I had to,

I’d choose a horse lol


Have you seen how horses poop?

No lol,

How do they do it ?

Ignorance is a bliss. Horse manure is very attractive

Horse manure is very hard to ignore,


I agree to some extent.

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I am a cat person but not by much. I have a love for cats that slips into obsession more often than not, but also a massive love for dogs. Just no obsession. Animals are great.


I guess I’m a cat person. I think cat people are more like cats and dog people are more like dogs though.


I’ve been called Catty so many times.


I can be good with all animals but I especially like cats. I really am the old cat uncle of my family. I miss them horribly but I’m not allowed to have any more as of now.