Perhaps a spiritual beliefs section

Obviously there is a need for a distinction between delusions and spiritualism. I know the goal is to keep religion off of the site, but, sometimes religion, spiritualism, etc are needed to heal. We all have our non-delusional demons to deal with. Maybe this portion could be locked to all but basic and above users. Debate can be restricted. If you don’t believe a post, stay out of it type thing. I personally, don’t want to go to a Christian forum to discuss my views and schizophrenia, I would like to share it with like minded people who also have schizophrenia… @barbiebf if you could edit this to make sense, that would be great. I haven’t taken my medicine and it’s noticeable.

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Your post made sense so I just moved it to Meta

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Brain is cluttered.

So long as religious/spiritual posts were strictly kept to that section and it didn’t encourage religious fanatics to infest the site with ‘praying is the only cure’ type ignorant ■■■■■■■■.


Most definitely agreed. None of that “only this can save you”.

That would interesting. Would it be divided in to subsections for each faith?

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In that that could result in a lot of subsections it could be technically problematic.

Lots of time, spiritual posts belong in the Unusual Beliefs section - I dont know if it would work

Well, in general, you are supposed to neither agree nor disagree with a delusion, so, if someone feels “certain” of something and wants to discuss it.

That would leave the unusual beliefs section open for individuals attempting to get over a delusion, or sharing a past delusion.

I don’t want to shoot down an idea, and I do realize that many people get a lot of strength from an inner or higher power.

But I did loose a support group once when they wanted to adopt more spiritual conversation into the group… and it quickly became Christians ONLY. My Buddhist pacifism was shown the door.

I was very sad to see that happen.

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Could be, but, that might would be difficult…

I definitely think any religious things should be strictly kept in that area. Any religion pushing closes a thread. Since only basic users and up could access, it should be easier to manage.

Basically, I would like to be able to say “God is really getting me through today.” Or, “This chakra healing is helping” etc without the debates and without offending someone. I believe in all religion and I am very spiritual… You know what I mean?


In the spirit of honestly trying to be helpful… and out of curiousness…

I found a Christian forum that is trying to promote healing from and keeping an open mind…

If someone was interested in getting some support but wanting to keep their healing with others of their faith… I didn’t know this… but there are forums… who knew?

But how many of those people have schizoaffective disorder and will be welcoming and won’t push “deliverance” or demon bull honkey? Hm, I am obviously not being clear. Also, I don’t want to meet new people etc.

A spiritual beliefs section might be worthwhile to consider. I would like to learn how people’s faiths work for them in dealing with schizophrenia … Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, scientific thinking, meditation, yoga, whatever.

But I don’t want to hear debate that your faith or doctrine is right while other faiths or doctrines are wrong. And I don’t see any way to rule out debate, or to have people teach by personal example. So I would have to decide it is an idealistic but impractical idea.

For every schizophrenic who has found comfort in religion there is one who has suffered religious delusions. It seems strange to devote a whole section of the forum to a subject that has proven so troublesome for so many.

You need a forum section to accomplish this?

Are you prepared for Satanists and Scientologists to express their views here as well? We certainly can’t have anyone discriminated against.

I feel religion should be a personal thing. It has no place here.

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I am very ready for scientologists and satanists, I can learn about them or stay out of their threads.

I say Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion.

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Trying very hard to slip a solipsism joke in somewhere without triggering everyone. Including myself.


i am happy to have my sith religion recognised !?!
take care