Too many religious threads make me sick

No offence but I get sick when there are too many,

I can talk about it sometimes but not all the time

Sometimes it just gets too much :frowning:

I’m sorry i really dont mean to offend anybody


I agree with you. Religion and politics are ok in moderation but when overdone are a pain.


Its just the same thing over and over again,

God this and god that

I mean I have nothing against god but it is too much

If you have problems with religion maybe a sz site is not so good.

I was obsessed with religion once but I saw the error of my ways


Another thing is that people think they’re going settle some great debate here on the forum. As if the nature of the universe and man’s place in the world will finally be resolved by mankind on the forum. Nobody is going to change anyone’s opinions. All people do is argue the same arguments around in circles, never coming to any conclusion. It’s old and boring.


I believe some of these are honesthearted and truthseeker.

These are great opinions, but only opinions.

They want to talk about religion then let them.

It’s not hurting anything really.

I find that the technology and scientific knowledge of the spirits is fascinating actually. And let’s face it we all know there are other beings and they know we’re here so yeah.

One thing i don’t understand though. If they made this place then why did they make dinosaurs exactly? Are they crazy?! I myself would love to hear an explanation on that one because that makes them look entirely bonkers!

Yeah, spirits just might be a bit crazy actually.

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Should be a seperate bit for religion in my opinion

Why not?

Could work.

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trust this thread to turn into something that i hate :frowning:

i mean i’m not telling people not to talk about it, i’m just saying that there is a time and a place for it and i don’t think that it is on a sz forum,

everybody comes here to talk about their problems with sz and their struggles, we all unite against schizophrenia, but God is different thing completely, it should be a separate issue in my opinion.

when this site wasn’t here and i had no way to talk about my religious problems i went to a christian forum for advice, these people are far more knowledgable than anyone on here i think, some of them know the bible inside out so i would say if you are wanting to talk about God and faith etc you really should use one of those forums, the people should empathise with you if they are any sort of christian, and try and help you out.

why don’t you go to a christian forum and ask what God says about mental illness? and things, it might be worth it.

This is a catholic page about bipolar. He talks about “false” belief in god. Could be worth a read for all schizophrenics with religious fantasies.

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that was a good read that i was able to digest but i don’t think many with sz have the capacity to understand it.

when i was taking my old med and i had the blunted effect, i had no emotions, my thoughts were clouded, everything was clouded actually so things like humility were foreign to me, to be humble was to bow down to everything and giving everything to a higher power.

i couldn’t do that because i was being controlled by fear that was what i was essentially bowing down to i guess. but i am just guessing.

Im not able to surrender to a higher power either.

do you think this is a selective thing?

i seem to be picking things that i like and overlooking things that are not appealing but whats not appealing to me may be appealing to somebody else.

maybe this is a selfish thing on my part but i am genuinely concerned by the amount of religious posts on here, this forum is not based on faith it is based on a serious mental illness that we all have in common and support each other for, unless faith is a form of support.

its such a hard subject to get to grips with.

Idk why there shouldn’t be a separate place specifically for religion, and politics…that way if someone doesnt want to read topics they just avoid that particular part of the forum. The way it is now they all get lumped into the unusual beliefs section, when in fact much of it is really not such an unusual belief because such beliefs are held by billions of people in the world…
It is also wrong to classify everything religious or spiritual as delusion…while there can be religious delusions, there is also spiritual reality…so i think the topic should have its own section and not get locked all the time…Just because people have some mental health issues should not make a certain topic taboo to them…truth is religion / spirituality has actually helped some people with SZ…for them that is their healing and cure…

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i don’t think @SzAdmin would entertain another topic

i would love a seperate topic for it though

idk if it would work though

I think it was actually asked for several months ago by someone, and it wasn’t made. Idk if it was because of the software involved in adding more forums or what. i know that was mentioned at one point. I remember one forum that’s now closed had a section for religion and politics…even religious forums have separate sub forums for different denominations and a separate one for politics… I’ve even seen other types of forums, UFO forums, vampire forums, conspiracy forums that have separate sections for religion and politics…

Religion and politics play a large part in many peoples lives so there’s really no reason they shouldn’t be included…but have their own places so they don’t get mixed up with everything else…

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its just too much for me,

if there was a separate topic for religion then i might get some relief

and also others may get some relief from it too.

seems like there is a different religious thread every day and its making me depressed tbh.

i’d like to be able to choose when i want to talk about religion instead of it being in my face all of the time.

Hyper religiosity is a direct symptom of schizophrenia and bipolar.
We cannot just ban or put limits on how many religious posts should be allowed.
I do think that adding a Spirituality/Religion section can free up a lot of the site


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