Whats wrong with my thread?

i can’t even talk about an unusual belief in the unusual beliefs forum lol

This isn’t a site for religious discussions. We like to be accepting of people from all religions or no religions - so we encourage people to take their religious discussions to other sites that focus on that area.

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There are a lot of things going on with me that would be very hard to talk about, if I chose to. For one thing, if any staff at the place I live saw, they might send me to the hospital.

just thought that this being a spiritual disease we could talk about that in the unusual beliefs category,

how can people be allowed to disrespect my beliefs and i am not allowed to talk about them?

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I agree that there are spiritual & religious aspects to SZ… even my counselor would agree with that and feels it’s wrong to shut out these aspects as unacceptable.
I have occasionally brought up even to psychologists that if they kept trying to shut me down on spiritual issues that they were violating my 1st amendment religious freedom constitutional rights and if they pursued this path they might taste what a supreme court case was all about… Guess what happened? they suddenly talked about other things, or transferred me to another counselor “more suited to discussing things on a religious level…”

i think i was just so upset with things people were saying about people of my religion i just wanted to say something, i wanted to say that its not always a bad thing and let them see it from my point of view and to me i don’t think that that is offensive or a bad thing, i guess what i was trying to do was try to get people to see things from my point of view, i think a lot of people have what i call ‘blind hate’ which means that they hate something without even knowing anything about what they are talking about all they think is ‘this is a bad thing’ and everything else doesn’t matter,

i guess i was stupid talking about it here but i was just upset, i felt like everyone was against me so i wanted to get people to see the other side of the coin but most people don’t even care.

i’m actually pretty worried that i am going to blow every time i see someone disrespecting my God, i hate it and i hate the fact that i hate it, i try and control it but its like a fire inside me and i just want to lash out and say that that isn’t how it is for me,

i am a diagnosed schizophrenic and also a born again Christian and the stigma i get is awful but tbh i think i get more stigma from being a Christian and that isn’t right, Christianity is a good thing and it helps me so why should something that helps me be a bad thing? it doesn’t make sense,

I think you have a point there. However I don’t think saying negative things about atheists or agnostics would be much more helpful than them displaying the chip on their shoulder which they’ve developed about religious people.

I have read what you find good in religion with interest and have read why others are put off by faith – that too I have read with interest. So I personally don’t have any problem with reading your posts.

Is there a forum that offers a true dialogue between religious and non-religious people? Anyone know of one?