Encouraging the delusions

i will probably get slammed for this but i think having a separate forum section for delusions or ‘unusual beliefs’ is counter productive to our recovery as people diagnosed with sz.

whats the point in talking about our delusions and things like that?

i think talking about these things feeds the delusions and could potentially make people more delusional about them.

what do you think?

is it just a matter of expressing how we feel or is it just feeding the delusions?

Yes to the last segment, I think its healthy to talk about feelings. However the issue is one of morality. For instance; I wanted to get on here today and spew the most ludicrous thoughts at the forefront of my mind i decided against it because the feel of this form is very organic.

Um Yeaaa. Feeding delusions, i do think you’re on to something in that aspect… i think its right of you to address it as well.


sorry dreamer but i don’t agree. sometimes people need a sounding board for their more unusual thoughts and that’s what this section provides. yes sometimes others can feed into a person’s delusional frame of reference but we can also try and talk them down. if i remember, it wasn’t s long ago that u were worried about terrorists tunnelling under ur house. people calmed u down, am i right? i think a section for unusual beliefs is a good thing. xxx


This is what i hate about schizophrenia forums.

“Welcome to the forum, no schizophrenia allowed though.”


well i can see your point
yet when i read those delusions i see how many we have in common.
and my beliefs/delusions are suddenly not so strange,which also gives me
some peace of mind.


i think some people who are suffering from delusions get so fixed on it that there is no talking them down and its impossible to tell them what they are thinking is not real.

are these called ‘fixed delusions’?

like when i was delusional i djd believe that these things were happening but then after the fact i can tell myself how could i be so stupid but at the same times there is still a part of you that believes it no matter how ridiculous the delusion is. its really weird.

i didnt mean to come across like that i was just worried that some people were ‘reveling in the madness’
thats all and i was worried that there might be some instances where people were not actually looking for help and they just wanted to share their unusual beliefs with people,

these people dont want to be told its not real because they are not looking for help, they believe what they believe is true and without any doubt. if you try and help these people they will not listen,

but that is part of the the disease for some of us i guess.