Peoples motives

I am always suspicious of other peoples motives. friends, family and strangers. even if the person is doing something nice for me i always question why theyre truly doing what their doing. does anyone else have similar issues?


Yes. Especially if someone says something nice. I wonder if they’re lying or charming. I have an embarrassing lack of trust. And I think an embarrassing lack of self-love. If someone does something nice for me I can barely handle it. It’s almost like I don’t want it because I can’t deal with the racing thoughts and suspicions that come with it. I’m trying to improve in this. I have a husband who loves me and I’m really trying to accept that.

I don’t trust people either. I have a nice voice but don’t trust her. She can turn evil any moment. She has not done that yet. But she will as soon as I trust her.

Yes bro , everyone in this world who has had paranoid psychosis will have experienced this…

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I never trusted anything anyone said or did around me, but thankfully, I never said anything out loud to anyone.
Now that I’m older, and hopefully more wiser (and more tired), I’ve learned that if someone wants to hurt me bad enough, they’ll find a way to do it regardless of any precautions I take against them.
Being overly suspicious just wastes what little time and energy I have left.

A lot of people have hidden agendas. A healthy skepticism is always in order.


exactly my thoughts.

I find most people to be kind and well-intentioned. I usually trust someone right off the bat, until they betray me…then watch out!


i dont ever see myself with a significant other due to my trust issues. I doubt i will ever convince myself that someone can be loyal to me

Before I got married my therapist asked me “Are you sure you want to get married? Do you really want to do that to him?” But I got married. It’s difficult for me because I’m stressed with mistrust, and it’s really difficult for my husband who is actually a good person, who gets pretty tired of not being trusted. If you can be alone, be alone. On the other hand, if you find someone you really love and who really loves you, you are given an opportunity. I’m really hoping to improve. I really want to trust.

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I definitely am cynical and paranoid about people…especially if they’re quick to engage in conversation with me. It’s that old, oh hello spy with a wire strapped to him, why are you so chatty today? thing I get from the sz.

However, I can’t go through life warding off innocent people with unhealthy paranoia, so I pretend like I am not distrustful of people. I give them the benefit of the doubt. However, doubt is the key word, as in I doubt their innocence.

Anyways, it’s good to be friendly with them, to accumulate evidence of their guilty deeds…or to exonerate them completely. :blush:

if the opportunity arises ill give a relationship a try,but im not going to go out looking for one. i prefer to be alone. so that route is always open. i hope that you will learn to trust. i know its a struggle so i wish you the best. you can do it!

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Thanks @kropotkin! I wish you the best too! :heart:

damn government agents, i get that too. but thats exactly what i do. be friendly with people till i can gather the evidence. i have this “friend” that im convinced is going to kill me before he leaves for the military but i still hang around trying to confirm that he is going to do the deed.

I’m pretty trusting. But if I’m crossed. Vengance :sunglasses:

thank you. it means a lot :slight_smile:

I met a homeless, nomadic man like this a month or so ago…he couldn’t handle that I gave him a bus token for free because he couldn’t find enough change. He couldn’t comprehend why I was doing something nice. He first thought I was charging him his last five dollar bill, which was the only currency he had on him, and was saying “oh okay, you want my five?” Then I told him no, just take it for free.

The opposite-traveling bus passed by and he said, “I get it. did you give me that coin so I’d leave on that bus right away and you wouldn’t have to put up with me?” That made me sad and I told him no, no, I know we’re taking the same bus. What made it super sad was that he didn’t appear angry at all, he was just accepting of that belief without ill will.

Then, finally, he accepted it and said, “wow, it was my birthday 2 days ago! I got a birthday present!”

Sadly, he asked about the route and I realized he thought he was in Los Angeles, not my city. I told him different street names and then he asked what city we were in. The bus came. I got on. He got on, but only to hand me back my bus token, thank me profusely, and then he disappeared into the streets from whence he came. It struck me that he had no ill will, despite his belief that everybody hated him. He went out of his way to return the coin and that touched me.


oh no! AND he’s real-life affiliated!! I hope there’s evidence to the contrary!

Like I just made up: keep calm and extract evidence lol

Wow, yep, I relate. I’m so sorry for that man. And it also touched my deepest fear: that I’ll chase my husband away and, not wanting to be a burden on anyone else, I’ll just go away on my own. That’s actually Plan B, to be homeless. To not touch anyone else. Thanks for that story @HQuinn. God bless that man :heart:

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I am sorry you feel that way, I think you are a good person in this forum who deserves happiness and I think your husband sees that, which is why he works on disarming your trust! Plan B, even if it is to isolate, can still happen with room and boarding, yeah? :smiley:

You’re welcome, I’ve been thinking about that man a lot. Touched my soul! Wherever he is, I hope he’s safe.

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