Trust issues?

I don’t trust people as I used to. I’m scared of them. They are laughing of me and gossiping around

My grandma has trust issues as well. Do you think it’s running in the family?

Has anyone on this forum had the same problem?

Is it a part of psychosis? Am I being psychotic?

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I don’t trust people either. The more people I meet or see, the less trusting I am of humanity in general… I think that’s normal though?

People do like to gossip and laugh at others, I don’t know why… But I feel this happening all the time as well. I honestly don’t know whether it’s a part of psychosis or not. It makes me extremely anxious to the point my heart beats out of control and I feel desperate to escape.

Yesterday I thought my dad was trying to kill me, and that a bunch of random people from round the world were watching me and waiting to strike. Maybe just an exaggeration of how I normally feel, about people… in general… :confused:

I may not really have any answers, but know you’re definitely not alone in how you feel…

It can be, thinking everyone is talking about you, in reality most people would be surprsed by how little time is spent by other thinking about them.

I don’t trust them too. Sometimes when some people are laughing I get the feeling that they are laughing about me but I know that it can’t be true.
I also feel very bad if someone is behind me…

This is a hard one. While I realize that paranoia that people are targeting you is related to psychosis, sometimes that ARE targeting you. I have had this happen. Sadly, people are not always emotionally mature or on their best behavior. It only exacerbates the anxiety of an already paranoid person.

I don’t trust anyone. I wish I could. I got married three years ago, even though I’ll never believe my husband loves me. I intermittently believe he’s cheating on me, and I’m convinced he’s going to leave me any day now. It’s exhausting.
When my mom was in her final weeks of life, while she could still speak, she leaned towards me and asked me, “Do you think Dad ever really loved me?” I was angry that she would ask me that about the man who she had been married to for 49 years. He spent every minute taking care of her when she got sick, but she wasn’t sure if he loved her.
Now I understand. My mom had many psychological issues, undiagnosed, so I don’t know what may have been genetically passed on to me from her, but we unfortunately share the lack of trust.