People lie to me as if it's nothing

People lie to me often and it’s nothing to them. I’m a nobody to them and lying to me just doesn’t matter. I mean family do it and mental health workers too. How awesome is that…

I’m not a real human being to them, so it’s ok to lie to me

Donald Trump lies to people on TV so it if it’s nothing to him than it’s nothing to you.

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All politicians lie on tv it’s what they do

Missing my point a little i think…

Everyone lies. It is human nature to seek advantage and if that involves lying so be it. That is the way the world turns.

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Sometimes the truth is a rare commodity. I’m in a similar situation.

Nar, I am lied to as if it’s nothing. It means the liars think I am nothing.

I am not a human being to them, so I don’t deserve honesty.

Politicans are fact checked in what they say nowadays so it’s harder for them to lie. For example, the 2016 Presidential debate.

No one is anything. They lie to each other too. It is just the way it is. Respect is hard to come by.

Don’t measure yourself by others. Stay true and honest. Be the worthy person in the world. If you measure other people by your own standards you will be disappointed.

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I think it depends on who the person you are speaking to whether you tell the truth to them or lie to them.


I am nothing to ‘them’ and lying to me is nothing

My internet connection is ■■■■■■ i’m going


Nah, be noble and honest. A white lie to benefit another is a as far as i go, otherwise be honest and true. It is the best way to be. People lying to a sz is terrible as one whose grasp of reality is tenuous needs honesty. People lie anyway, wrongly.


Police do it too. It is part of the job. Being a police officer means that it is part of the job to brake the ten commandments. No wonder they pull in $300,000 per year on average.

Yes, a white lie is sometimes necessary. Nobility & honesty don’t get you to the top though. You have to step on other people’s toes to be the best and many examples can be found in business. Lying to a schizophrenic is hard if he/she is in psychosis or having symptoms of the illness. Their brain is deceiving them of what a person saying something to them is true.

It comes down to the fact that the defective, meaning those who lie, are jealous of those who do not lie, and they do whatever they can to make you just as defective too. They did it to me for decades.

the police are ■■■■■■■ psychos, by than i mean psychopaths not psychotic

I don’t think being jealous has anything to do with lying. Jealousy is more of an emotion whereas lying is a behavior.

It depends what the “top” is. If it is to be capitalistically successful, then telling the truth will get you nowhere. There is a multi-billion industry of advertising based on it, however, to be morally high and noble such monetary gains are miniscule to the high art of being and being truthful.

To be a high end capitalist is very unlikely in a sz state anyway, so be true. Just think a Buddhist monk has no possessions or money and is much more likely to be happy than even a Queen with all their money, and they would be true to themselves and to others.


Bill Gates trifled all other computer operating systems by making Windows a monopoly. There was no competition. He was lying at his court case against Microsoft. Jeff Bezos and his company Amazon stomped on all smaller brick & mortar retailers buy undercutting pricing.

I think anyone is allowed to lie when they say things. But can’t lie if what they are saying is being recorded, written down or in court.

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If you see another person as equal to you and decent, then you will be sincere and honest with them.

My point is that normies don’t see us as equal and decent… they don’t even see us as human beings, they see us as inferior.

Is my point so ■■■■■■■ hard to understand?