I lie too much

Lies about loving. I think pop music is one of the influences - and the church causing guilt. I’m stressed out to prove I love when I am not really available for an emotional commitment. “Livin’ isn’t easy, lovin’s twice as tough”.

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What is the correct amount of lying?

lying is a coping mechanisme.
like blaming others, its negative coping yet is is coping

““coping mechanisms can be seen as survival skills they are strategies that people use
in order too deal with stresses,pain and natural changes that we experience in life””

I think I lie when I can’t explain myself.

to beautiful chordy,
i never lie about anything , which is confronting to some people when they ask my opinion, but hey i’m a sz !
take care

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I don’t lie, I never do, but it happened to me once that my boyfriend was forcing me to tell him lame stuff like “I love you…etc” and I couldn’t feel anything for him… I eventually left him…stupid :smiley:


i don’t lie I never have. I got lied to by a bunch of people for like two years straight and lying just makes me upset. Just remember when u lie, u look like a jackass and the recipient feels like a fool. when I found out I felt so bad it made me suicidal

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Yeah, but do I have the strength to go to people I’ve lied to and tell them the truth?

Of course! That shows that you care especially if u explain why. That it wasn’t personal and you can get the guilt off your chest. If you’re honest all the time, you’ll feel better about yourself and other people will know the true you. U may get reactions for being blunt but it is worth iy

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Why do you lie though? I lie because people only come to me with questions under duress. And I see their duress… and lie to them, for their sake. I don’t tell them the truth… I don’t even think about it. I only see the looks on their faces, and read them as though they were… more important. As though it were more important to make the answer about what they want to hear.

I lie all the time too, and more about really inconsequential things than big things. I’ve always been very honest with people when it comes to important things, like not loving them anymore, but very hard pressed to be honest about small things. I don’t know what the reason is exactly, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s a way of keeping people at a distance.

I lie too much, too. I lie to conceal my mental illness, lie to get off the phone so I don’t offend the person, white lies, and self-protective lies. I lie to conceal shame. I’ve been opening up too much lately, I’m warning myself to be careful who I trust. I’ve lied to employers more in the past three years than ever in my life.

I had the balls to admit to a friend that I’d been lying about not having MI, it turned out okay. I told him all sorts of things, such as: “My mind is f****g with me!” “My doggone mind is driving me nuts!” He didn’t trash on me that I know of.

I like to mess with people and tell them that Im a liar, but then Have to explain, if that were indeed true, then Im lying about that, so really, Im not a liar, but truthful. It’s kinda fun.