People in my head telling me not to eat again

It is hard work. Keep at it and you just might climb out if this. You must use every second that your mind is clear of paranoia to do something productive, like research, search for meds or banale hard labour.

Otherwise you will just suffer until you die. And that is still long remote. Keep resisting, avoid triggers, get professional medical attention.

I’m just worried about the next 10 years. If nothing bad happens after those 10 years, I don’t think I’ll be paranoid anymore.

Hah, I was promised by the voices lots of things in 2014-2019 span. I wrote many of them down to verify later. None of them turned out to be true. What makes your voices better? I was speaking to God Himself and His servants, mwahahaha.

I delude myself for six years and counting. Despite hundreds of rational proofs. Even after all prophecies flopped. Even after I hurt score of people.

Work on your delusions now.

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When psychotic I thought all presidents were clones replaced by the mafia. Original ones were killed by the mafia.

That’s partially true. Even though I don’t think it’s the mafia.

I just hate feeling like this. Like knowing this stuff.

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Do you think I was a terrorist? I was walking by factories and doing lots of things like I wrote a paper saying I was an angel and would be by my school and I would walk around the parking lot. I would always be looking out for outlets since my computer would always die.

I wandered the streets aimlessly at night when psychotic too. Got me into real trouble with living employer and police. I wish I understood what really happened to me then.

Discard everything that voices tell you.

I hope you have someone to look after you.

I called all my friends. No one was available. I’m better today

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