Recent things that people tell me are strange, that are real and I can see as strange

Keith is trying to get free work out of me. The other employees want me to mess up to the point of being fired, so that
they get more of the work.

My fiance is jeopardizing our relationship and my well being to get me out of her life and into a hospital.

People mess with my food. I went to the hospital once because I thought something was put in my drink. Very often the
thought of poison keeps me from trusting and eating.

When my roommate asked me to fix his laptop, I had it in my room. I got very paranoid that he was watching me from the
laptop; especially when I heard him laughing with other people. I have always felt uncomfortable in washrooms and other
places where I felt that cameras could be.

I cannot shake the thought that our neighbours are poisoning our tap water.

Sirens always make me anxious and sometimes I panic.

My family is monitoring the events of my life and guiding me to hell.

God forces me to do things. He will mess up my life if I even type this but ■■■■ I have to vent. These are just some things that I need to share. Not sure how you would want to respond but… bleh


i used to think the same stuff as you…for years and years…it is rubbish, i now control my mind to the best of my ability.
sorry you are going through this , it sucks big time.
know that i care.
take care


Sounds like your parents and fiance~ are looking out for you. Please trust them.
You can come here and vent here anytime


On some level you realize that these are delusions, right? Medication might help you cope with these FALSE beliefs.

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Thanks guys. I was released from the hospital last week on 550 mg of Seroquel, 0.5 mg of Clonazepam and 37.5 mg of Effexor XR to be increased to 150 mg within the month. Things are okay. The voices never go away but the meds REALLY help me understand them. Same with the poison I sense in most of my food. It hasn’t gone away but the psychiatrist said that the goal is to cope and not cure completely. Maybe therapy when I’m ready. Hope all of you are doing well.

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I once thought people were poisoning my food. My pdoc also just tried to get me to cope. Just small steps.

I did go to therapy and that helped me a lot with getting over my fear of people trying to poison me or thinking my family had been covertly trying to kill me while pretending to be my friends. (they have never tried to kill me)

I got to a point where I could get through my day, but it took meds and therapy. I do hope things go easier for you. Small steps and getting help.

I’m rooting for you

I’m sorry for your suffering. I’ve been through it too…

I’ve been harassed by coworkers at multiple jobs - this is called gang or cause stalking. It is a good subject to Google so you understand how some of the closet schizos deal with hearing the voices by stalking strangers to verbally harass specific people about something private. These will have worse demanded of them like vandalisms, trespassing, date specific people with intent to harm, scheme to get coworkers in trouble & ruin work for specific customers. I do not advise EVER following orders from the voices but A LOT of people will do this in some cities…even some church pastors were advocating this behavior from their congregations & tolerate verbal harassment of unwanted parishioners inside their churches without anyone speaking up in defense. It is pure devil worship & anti-christ joke for the messed up!
(You do know you can never show any anger with your psych care over this as the psych doctors call this delusional. If you get upset with your psych care, they will forcibly hospitalize you at your own expense for an ‘attitude adjustment’ weekend. Mental care will call the gang stalking delusional & refuse assistance so confused people do go insane…This is policy of mental care providers…)

Sometimes family members are passive aggressive toward a family member who is psychotic, some prick family members are passive aggressive anyway. You know who is messed up. Verbal harassment is never out of the realm of possibility due to ‘stigma’ or angry that you get a disability check…I can only hope you do not have family messed up enough to screw you…If you do, you need to work on financially supporting yourself & get some distance just to deal with them. I have in-laws working in psych who have been MUCH less than professional and I do get screwed with…I no longer attend most of the events with them. I don’t even want them to get another OFF comment in. (I have to skip a lot of stuff but just say I have irritable bowel syndrome so I cannot attend…I make just enough appearances at events to look normal & only other way to cope with messed up family is to avoid them…I plan to move away as soon as I get the opportunity.)

The food & water tampering do not happen that often unless you are dealing with someone messed up badly…It usually has life insurance payout involved or relationship is nuts. Poisoning water source is REALLY hard unless you have a water well…Everyone else would be sick if tap water in town was poisoned…govt always catches this quickly if there was chemical spill or something.

I’ve dealt with the problem neighbors too - guy would shoot off cap gun & throw fireworks when I stepped outside sometimes…This is annoying when you have a dog to bathroom… There was more…I was happy to sell the place & move.

I admit it - I COVER UP THE CAMERAS ON EVERYTHING WITH STICKUP NOTES. The IT/geek pricks think messing with someones’ tech is funny so I just cover these up with sticky notes & masking tape & leave it. These guys are suck dick-heads so best to never let them have a chance.