People deceiving me

I feel like I’ve been deceived to think that I’m gifted while in reality I can’t even do calculus properly and I suck at writing…

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Anyone feeling the same way?

Hm, a worker did say I had a Big capacity, I score 108 on IQ test. I drink a lot of soda if he not was talking about my bladder but dont think so

Based on your scores on numerical tests there’s no doubt you are gifted. You have great potential, but that will not be fulfilled if you don’t deal sensibly with your mental health problems.

Iq tests are pointless. Also I feel like the meds dull my thinking more

I’m sensing this is basically a legitimise my wanting to stop meds thread . I’m bowing out of it.

What do you even mean

I don’t think your worth is based on how good you are at things just live life and enjoy while doing the best you can


yes this happened to me, people complimented me on my ability and intelligence beyond what was reality, im just average really intelligence wise. but it’s good your in school, i was wondering why you were posting in the middle of the day instead of being at school…you don’t have to be super smart though to get a degree, alot of it, is putting in the work and applying yourself. don’t give up on yourself.

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