I’m obsessed :/

With my IQ and whether I’m delusional or not

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hehe yea… we did notice that =D


You’ll be alright


It’s your age that makes you obsessed, curious

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I like Stephen Hawking’s view on IQ. But I can tell you are gifted and you seem to have a mental illness, which is not the end of the world if treated properly.

Some people have really high IQs and can do amazing things. You can tell like that one math professor from UCLA named Terrance Tao I think. Boy genius in math. Could probably solve / do anything. We are just normies though.

I doubt that I’m gifted as that means IQ >130

How to get the psychologist to administer an IQ test?

i’m not sure how to do that… maybe just ask them?

i asked but she wont do it

but you already had them take IQ test in the past a few times huh… maybe it’s really not necessary now huh

but i really want to know my iq now

why do you want to know it? Just for the sake of it or other reasons?

I want to know if I have brain damage

shouldn’t you get a scan of your brain then?

Ive already done that

and it was ok? I wouldn’t worry too much about it anymore then…

i guess :confused:

I tbh just rly want know my current iq

How to get iq tested quickly

I think you are falling for the old desire to impress someone. I used to have that desire and having been told I have a high IQ didn’t make me any more mature which was the real need.