Feeling very distressed and need someone to talk to

Can’t stand the hands they’re not mine. Trying to hacksaw them off and it’s not working. I feel so dirty and distrusting having someone else’s hands on me. I hate the police they did this. I hate them so much.

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Sounds particularly stressfull. How can we help you? It’s a little unclear what your referring too.

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The police took my hands and put someone else’s hands on me. They tried to pretend it was an alien abduction by inserting memories into my head. It’s an experiment and to provoke me. They’re trying to get me to commit a crime and incarcerate me. They are monitoring me and using their aerials to insert violent thoughts into my head to hurt people and read my mind. I hit a stranger the other day because of these intrusive thoughts. I just feel alone and you guys are the only ones who can understand to a certain degree.

@princess - you need help. Real help. These thoughts are psychotic symptoms (which you must know, at some level, or you wouldn’t be sharing them here). You need to call your psychiatrist or even go to a hospital before you hurt yourself or someone else.


I understand you are having delusions because I have many delusions too. But don’t get violent. It won’t help you and it will only make your situation worse. You may have a ton of problems right now but at least you are in your own home having a ton of problems instead of sitting in a jail cell having these problems. I feel like hitting people too sometimes but its not smart and whatever pleasure it would give me to punch one of my fellow tenants in the mouth, it would not be worth it because I know the consequences would not be good and one violent incident could go on my medical chart possibly or on a police record and follow me for the rest of my life wherever I go.

I’m sorry guys. I just can’t stand it any more. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t think they’re delusions. The hands don’t look like mine and I have memories about them taking the hands. I just want my hands back. I feel so disgusting. :frowning:

Please believe me, the medicine can help you with this. You just need to call your doctor.


Go see a doctor, princess. They will check your hands too, and they will treat all your symptoms. Have faith in doctors !!

I got caught by the nurse in respite trying to cut the hand off. I’m at er now. Fingers crossed I don’t go to the mental health ward. :frowning:

Yes princess go see a doctor, they will help you.