What do I do if risperidone doesn’t help paranoia? Is there a better medication for paranoia??

Up the dose maybe? What dose are you on?

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8mg. The dr said anything over 8 generally doesn’t help more. Just more side effects


I got lucky with abilify. No paranoia. How bad is the paranoia?

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man you gotta look at PTSD and fight or flight.

Fear is more psychological than chemical.

I think the dopamine antagonists reduce the overall excitability of the brain, and being in less excited states might induce the proper psychological changes… but the thoughts that are there and how they are handled in the occurance of them returning is something that can only be controlled via mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

There are also the underlying mechanisms of obsessions and sensitivity to the environment.

The autonomous nervous system uses acetylcholine to keep it’s self stimulated and then a counter chemical to keep it from getting over stimulated… funny thing is that nicotine supplements actylcholine in the sense it can be utilized at the same receptor sites… and nicotine isn’t effected by the counter chemical.

This is why excessive smoking leads to anxiety, paranoia, insomnia…


@Lost - I’m on risperidone and I’m paranoid a lot of the time.
If I wasn’t on my Antipsychotic my paranoia would be unbearable.


It’s not real bad. Sometimes it is but usually minor.

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So cigs will increase my paranoia?

Mine would be too. Should I just get use to it?

What are you paranoid about man? Like cars outside your house? Or that people don’t like you? Or what?

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That these ppl wanna kill me.

I think somebody made stuff up about me to make me look bad cuz I didn’t date them

I really don’t know how bad your paranoia gets.
Can you function now?
If not maybe you can discuss a med change with your doctor.
You really can’t go up on your dose.

Yeah I can for the most part.

Cigs will leave you restless until the end of fatigue… paranoia is more a psychological state that has you locked in fearful thinking and obsessions when stressed.

I’m obsessive and fearful. I think everybody’s in on it. Sometimes I think some ppl on the forums were sent to spy on me.

oh that’s nonsense man. We’re all in the same boat here. I get what you mean, but you should just stick it out and trust what people say. that’s all that’s relevant in the end.

You think you’re too pretty to coexist with the others or something bro?

No one has a reason to be out to get you.

its good to be aware, but not paranoid…

I’m just a lil out of touch I guess. I figure if it was they woulda already got me. The thoughts still remain tho.

Where do u draw the line