I get anxiety a lot...

I take a high level of risperidone. My doctor told me it could cause anxiety. I wonder if it’s true? My symptoms of schizophrenia are mostly under control but I still feel anxious. I also take Ativan but it doesn’t help much. Any ideas? Your thoughts are appreciated.

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I wasn’t able to tolerate that drug as it made me anxious. Plenty of others to choose from luckily

I was taking 15mg risperidone and I had no anxiety

Maybe it’s time to meditate. (I know I know. Here comes the crazy guy talking meditation again)

It helped me tremendously

I could not handle rispirdal without taking antidepressants as well

Thanks to everyone for their advice. Going to try breathing exercises to help myself.

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Me too, hope I can prevent it, take meds. , pray that I make it

Good idea
Breathing exercises help try timing yourself for six minutes
There are lots of you tube videos

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I feel so anxious once again now that I’m on aripiarazole again- well I’m guessing that may be why.
It does cause anxiety too according to my pdoc :frowning:sucks man but what can I do.
Just my best.
If you can do regular exercise that may help

I went on abilify and it’s a wonderful drug no weight gain and good for positive symptoms however the anxiety was unbearable and I had to quit

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I was just taken off of risperidone because it made me manic and anxious. Sleep two hours and then I woke up like someone flipped a switch. Zyprexa gave me anxiety but I could put up with it. Sorry to hear it makes you anxious.

I was anxious before I started meds . . .

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