What's your stable Risperdal dosage?

I am on 3mg but have paranoia when going outside my home shopping with my mother.
I got scared of ppl there and even here on the forum, I felt they were stealing my intelligence.

It was temporary and I never went outside again.
I hope 4mg will fix this and will enable me go shopping with my mother.

What’s your stable Risperdal dosage?

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My injection is only 25ml. Equal to 1mg. You can still feel it, but id probably be a zombie on the highest dose. The doctor gave me 6mg once, i remember drooling on myself lol.

What i get now is fine, tho id prefer 5mg of abilify to help with negative symptoms.

I definitively need more than 3mg to be 100% stable but don’t know by how much, 4, 5 or 6mg.

My stable dose of Risperdal is 4mg.
This is my current dose.

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I’m on 37.5 mg injectable Risperdal Consta. This is my stable dose.

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2mg three times a day. This week upped my dose to 4 times a day because things have been getting difficult ever since I began to quit smoking and cut back on my nicotine intake.

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upping the dose is dependent on things like positive or negative symptoms, sometimes its best to take combination of drugs rather than upping the dose. depends on alot of things really. But im sure you can function better if you conciously work to do so and try harder to filter your thinking. Some days will be harder than others but you can do it

Getting paranoia thoughts at certain occasions is not a bad thing. Its like specific anxiety. For example social anxiety people only get anxious when in social situation and at other times completely fine. The thing is if you raise AP dose your negative symptoms get worse. Negative symptoms occur mostly in home and when alone so upping the dose do more harm than good. Medication is not the only treatment for positive symptoms instead others like CBT there. It teaches to how to deal with the thoughts, voices, paranoia etc without the need to get rid of it.

Also stop vaping, smoking etc as it itself can cause paranoia and other positive symptoms in some.

I’m on 4mg on risperdal

I have tried 6mg but it made me have heart ryhtm problems

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Upped to 4mg yesterday, I feel better and will try go shopping with my mother to see if I get paranoid and delusional again.

I’ve been on Risperdal twice, first time I took 2mg twice a day for a total of 4mg. Second time I took 4mg twice a day for a total of 8mg

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Didn’t get paranoid anymore. I almost gave up on taking meds which is suicide in my case before increasing my dose. Now after 1.5 years of staying home, I drove and picked up a friend for the first time, we walked and drank coffee in a shopping mall. I feel my negatives are finally slowly improving after 1.5 years of staying in bed all day, only getting up to eat.

There’s a long lineup on every store especially Apple store and not all stores are open.

3mg on most days but I lower it to 2mg once in a while if I am over medicated. I prefer taking it during the day rather than at bedtime because otherwise I wake up with bad sinus headaches.

i am pretty stable on 3 mg

I was stable with 3mg at home but when I went outside with friends stress caused me paranoia.
Now with 4mg I never have paranoia.

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