hmm in our case, maymbe when people get confrontational. You need solid proof before anything else. for an example…it is a FACT that the patriot act exist/existed, which means that people were being monitored…but it doesn’t mean they are after YOU. its a FACT that the government hid area-51 for some time, it was announced I believe by Clinton in the 90’s that it did exist. you can think all you want, but until you have solid evidence then its really only in your head. I’m not sure what your concerned about 100% but look about what you thought, and what has HAPPENED…and take it to consideration.

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That’s a good way to look at it. Thanks man.

that’s more like a PTSD type symptom.

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I agree with @Wave, you should talk to your doctor about changing medications.

Sometimes you have to try a few before you find the right one.

I hate that you feel like this, just try to keep distracted,

And don’t smoke weed.


I had some delusions during my last episode too. Thought I was the chosen one. The Antichrist. Sent to save humanity. Thoth reincarnated. Makes me chuckle thinking about it

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I almost smoked today. I’m glad I didn’t. It takes forever to see my dr BC his patient list is so long.

Benzos. CBT.

Reality checking.

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They won’t give me benzos

There are some other options. L-theanine. Also some ADs which have anxiolytic properties. Buspar, possibly zoloft.

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I’m on Zoloft. You guys kno a lot about this stuff :slight_smile:

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My therapist didn’t seem to kno much about CBT

I’m a fan of l-theanine. It doesn’t solve all the problems. But it works pretty good.

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Does it help you sleep?

I’m not sure. I take it first thing in the morning. Maybe, because I sleep pretty regularly these days. Mostly it tones down my anxiety and my desire for alcohol, which is related to my anxiety level, but also probably due to its effects on GABA.

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I’m going to try it out.

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It’s fairly subtle. Not like a prescription. But noticeable nonetheless. At least if it works for you; I don’t think it’s universal.

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Do u take any other OTC supplements

I don’t know of any. Combination drug therapy maybe? Try two or even three AP’s. Try alternative therapies.
I’m with @Wave. If I wasn’t on three AP’s, my paranoia would be unbearable too.


I thought so about Risperdal.

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Vitamins, EPA/DHA, vitamin D, amino acids in a protein base. Going to add NAC this week.

That stuff I think of as just to support my health. It’s not a substitute for medication. Neither is l-theanine, but it has a more noticeable immediate effect than say, a vitamin tablet.

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