Paranoia that others will

I’m so paranoid. My husband is dealing with potential new tenants for his newly purchased house, and he’s unsure about them. This set off my paranoid thoughts. I get these thoughts in my head that they will steal his money and come to our house, knock on our door and shoot my husband and maybe me. Even though we live in security complex. God forbid that the evil spirit in my head who is an agent of the devil, will tell him to set this in motion. Please God no.

I also have this belief that if I sit by a lighted window by night without curtains, that people will see me inside and shoot me with a gun. Again, I hope the agent of the devil won’t run to him with this.

The moment I express these fears openly, is the moment the evil spirit will run to tell the devil to harm me. I have to pray to God for protection.

Am I really paranoid or in psychosis, or is it a feeling people all have? My husband when I told him said no they won’t shoot us dead. But I’m scared all the same. I don’t trust people who relate to us concerning business/ money.

Am I being silly or is it part of sza?

I fasted first day of Ramadan yesterday and it was hard but survived. But then last night heard voices again. “Kill him! Kill him!” I don’t know if it was because of fast, but today I only fasted till noon.

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