Paranoia in a new way

Tonight i was paranoid of myself.

We’re like werewolves kind of.

You ever paranoid of yourself?

It was such a piece of poop feeling. I hate this and i hate it deeply. Intercourse this life, intercourse the whole condemning thing!

I postulate the existence of this life may contain within the ability to perform an automatic session of coitus.

**Im afraid I have a 12 year old boys
sense of humor…this cracked me up…

I`m also sorry OO
Why were you afraid of yourself?**

I mean the way you worded the last few sentences…

Insanity thats why.

It’s like being a werewolf.

Twice i ended up across country seeing spirits and almost died.

My mind was blasted with horrible delusions and i had to exist within them, that’ll make you horribly paranoid of your own mind and what might happen.


No more cussing.

It’s the rules.

Yeah, I know. I couldn’t even say “■■■■■■■”. It got censored.

Yeah it kind of sucks.

Oh pansy, you made me laugh today…Really :slight_smile: I was also wondering what pansy is saying in the last sentence. By the way, I hope you’d be feeling better now.

What did you do during the day?

Listen to this song and tell me how you feel.

It’s very heart touching to me. The singer is not well known but there is something in the music and lyrics that put you in peace.

I was deep in thought all day long.

I can’t rest from thought.

It’s always something to. The hidden sciences that are all around me, the answers are there but i can’t have them, what is to be and what was, what the spirits are up to, what have they done and how does it all work and what are their plans with us.

Whats the cure for cancer. If people have a carding system with std’s then no one will spread anything, esp. aids, and no one will get sick anymore. Whats a shaman? Why did they do this to me? What’s it like in the spirit world?

Where will the disasters be so we can avoid them? Why did i see myself typing this in the past, was it a dream when i saw this, why do i remember writing this before it happened?

Why did they just show up just to not tell me anything? How do i see the faces in the trees? Are they adding something to my brain/mind to make me see it? I want to show others those faces, they are right in front of us all and we can’t see them unless we focus.

How can we achieve a better way of treating animals? A perfect way actually.

How do i get some barbitol? If it’s legal for anyone it should be legal for me?

You know though, one thing that i never think about is how to get a girlfriend/wife. This is something i have never tried to do and i don’t want to and i don’t know why people do that at all. I think about all of this other stuff that no one is interested in and don’t think about having a girlfriend or wife or family but they are all the opposite.

How can we bring peace to earth? Whats the best system of peace? What to do with famine?

Is any of this worth it? Why am i made of rotting flesh and weakening bones? How does the entirety of my brain operate and how can it be altered and manipulated?

Whats 2+2? If you throw a triangle into a toilet would you get a bagel? Why are dalmations evil? If the moon was made of cheese would you eat it? I would.

Are the bombs an integral part of the end of civilizations? If there are survivors then who is it going to be exactly? The bombs might screw up alot of plans for survival.

Whats the best way for an aboriginal to harvest meat without completely torturing the poor foul beast he is about to slaughter?

Why won’t they admit how important poor and stupid people really are and give them their due?

Should i drill a hole in the side of my head like the guy from “pi”?

“Think about the times we showed you.” “I don’t want to think about the times again. I get it, no need to go over it again.”

The spirits got so lucky, their bodies are perfection, highly advanced and untouchable processing units and memory functions, the whole sha bang on the immortal spirit body. It’s really the whole package, everything a being could want or need.

What did our universe appear like from the view point of the spirit realm as it grew and expanded?

I also drank large amounts of coffee and smoked large amounts of cigarettes. And watched the daily show three times, im a daily show addict.

Listened to music.

And tried to ignore the fact that my legs are slowly falling off and burning constantly. And try to ignore the fact that they are going to see me dead and have a very long time to do it in. Try to ignore the tsunamis and screams and bullets and drugs and diseases and murders and rapes. Try to ignore my poverty and inability to work and all of my trauma.

It was a very eventful day actually. Although it didn’t appear that way from the outside.


I could only make it to three niner on that one.

That was rough to listen to and how dare you subject me to that.

They call me that in my head, “little one”. Creepy.