Paranoia or panic attack?

i am just asking this myself lately… i feel unconfortable when people are watching me outside. i feel like they see that i have a problem…i think i am real focused on myself ans dont know if its panic or paranoia. i think my doc says thats it more like paranoia thing…

Seems to be more paranoia based, my anxiety [or panic] attacks involve hyperventilating, nausea, sickness etc. I felt a little paranoia at first but it went quickly once medicated

I believe it’s paranoia. Panic attacks usually envolve thinking you are going to die, hyperventilation and such.

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thanks harvey, that answers my question. it doesnt go away for me but ill wait

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They can address it in therapy, with medication as well - Some have it worse than others, my paranoia was just the same [fear others knew I was unwell and judged me for it] but it wasn’t very prominent luckily.

Hang in there Anna

what are you taking harvey? and in how much time your paranoia was relieved? me i am desperate caue i wait 5 years already to see this disappear…

I take Olanzapine in doses of 15MG per day, my paranoia stopped after 6 or 7 weeks but again, it wasn’t very bad to start, just a slight worry. Now, I’m intimidated by large crowds but not paranoid in the slightest. Just the hallucinations and anxiety attacks to deal with

This sounds like mild paranoia. I get this too sometimes. Anxiety and/ or panic is when you are always asking yourself “what if” questions. Like, what if this disaster happens, or, what if that disaster happens? And then getting all anxious and panicky about it.

yes,i think this is paranoia as well… i got sometimes panic attacks but its different… i am angry now,because of all this ■■■■ happening…my schizo friend even works now,i stay between 4 walls since 13 years… maybe if my paranoia is relieved it will be better… yeap,i am a psycho…

Try not to compare yourself with your friend, every person with this illness is different, and everyone reacts in different ways.
She is not better than you or you better than her. You’re just different

thanks darling,ill try yes. its just this jealousy… in fact shte just told me that she is taking her meds now. that theyre working for her. i thought she is not on them anymore.

Well good than. Yours will work too, if not haldol, you’ll try something different. Keep going to that group therapy you go to :smile:

I had very severe paranoia all my adult life, and I’m 55 years old now. They did not have the drugs available, when I was a young woman, that would work on my paranoid symptoms. It was not until they came out with the injectable forms of the newer anti psychotics that I could finally get some relief from my crippling paranoia. Today, I finally have some semblance of normality that I longed for for years. Praise God!