My paranoia or social phobia, i am fed up

meds don’t work for them. just my clonazepam makes wonders on this(rivotril). I can think more clearly when I am on rivotril, I talk more, I laugh much but it doesn’t cure my paranoia. plus, I risk a dependency on it…
I just saw a friend. per moments I literally have the feeling to suffocate… why this is so hard? plus I still complexe that I am stupid and that my friends can use this…it just makes me sad… its not easy to be in good health either, no I understand it… the life is tough…
for those who had paranoia, how did you get through it? probably month and a half on an ap is just not enough?

I can’t pinpoint my meds as curing my paranoia. I know that knocking down my anxiety helped. I do still get over whelmed and rattled around people, but I had to relearn how to engage with other people.

I had to take interaction in small bites. It took some time to work up to. The insecurities I have about being around people I just have to learn to put aside. That was more a therapy thing then a med thing.

It’s not easy to trust others… I hope when you are with friends you can try to trust their interactions with you.

Good luck

yeah,thats what I do. I try to trust them. I think that my derealisation became better so it helps :wink:
I closed myself between 4 walls 13 years ago so my paranoia is to the roof now…
surprised, after how much time you started to feel relief on your paranoia on your meds? and why my clonazepam(rivotril) helps me better for my paranoia than my zyprexa? wow…

It was about 2 years of consistent meds and therapy and family help until I started feeling like I was making any real progress.

I don’t know why the clonazepam is helping more then the zyprexa. If it is working, I’m glad it’s helping.

yes,i should be patient, I know. I am complaining less in the life but it still sucks here… I am going to see my nepweh today, I ll try to be happy but I wont be, I know it… ill see my sister,her husband,her happiness etc… the paranoia takes my happiness away,yes.
thanks for the answers surprised… I am getting old, its a question of anguish for me. I am 33. kiss