Panic attacks?

lately the evenings i am feeling this awful panic attac. i feel like i am gonna to die. can my leponex help me for this? its physical also-weakeness and almost nauseous. i am waiting already 4 months to see this decrease but i think its the same hell… why i am afraid to die? anyone who got through this?

I’ve had panic disorder since I was a kid - Panic attacks are torture!

Thank goodness I havent had a severe panic attack in a while.

Sometimes certain meds trigger them.

wave, thank you for the answer. clearly-i am paranoid schizphrenic but this panic attacks are a real suffer as you say… i feel like i am going to die in the worst pain or that ill become totally crazy…in my case i feel it like an emotional wave of fear… i really count on the ap for this but maybe ill never get better…
and you say that sometimes some meds can cause them? i am also wondering of this is not the ap

you have to fight your panic…it’s all a mind game really. overcome your fear of dying and panic will disipate. good luck.

could the cause be my antipsychotic? most of people would say that it shouldn be the ap… maybe the time that ill get used to the med? yesterday it was so terrible that i thought i will die :confused:

do you have fear of people when you re panicked? maybe its paranoia what i have because i am afraid of people when i feel like that

I got a panic attack in the dentist’s chair today. He had to inject me three times before the anaesthetic did it’s magic. I got severe heart palpitations and I had to sit up straight for awhile in order for me to relax. I don’t normally get panic attacks.