Our bathing journal

A few people have recently visited my other threads, and have proposed that a bathing thread was long overdue.

I’m quite sorry for overlooking the importance of personal hygiene. :disappointed_relieved:

stay fresh. :slight_smile:

I will be taking a shower…

Haha thanks honey

if you’re young, this thread is especially for you! health is very important during the early years, because they make things quite smooth, down the road. feel free to go into detail about your bathing agenda! but you don’t have to use words in your posts, if you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

bathing is the next step to better health! :blush:

I do only baths and wash my hair on occasion in my sink.

Water should encompass

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feeling defeated and not looking towards that shower. well, bring a partner!

sometimes, it takes two!

I couldn’t show two humans taking a bath… I hope everyone understands why… :disappointed_relieved:

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Kinda personal thread, but I feel safe enough here to share my shower pic


I haven’t bathed since Monday and I really need it. Hopefully I’ll get that done tonight. I hate bathing, though. It always makes me feel awful.

Superman yeah please solve the world

Think it would be more fun if we bathed with a friend.

I can tolerate, even like, the feeling of the shower. But I tend to be so distracted with everything in my head that I just stand there and get wet but don’t actually wash much. :frowning:

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My sweat is cleansing.


Took a shower tonight after skipping for 2 days ^^ I am fresh and clean


I just realized I’ve probably only bathed 4 times since moving. Moving has really thrown me it seems. It was more of a habit before.:neutral_face:

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Had my first shower for a week today.

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I guess you’re the opposite of a man, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

we dudes don’t have cleansing sweat… :disappointed_relieved:

this is why we can’t have nice bathing threads. :disappointed_relieved:


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I knew one guy, his sweat was so tasty! lol

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I’m like that x3, for sure.