Fresh and Clean Shower Thread


I just got out of the shower. Had been over a week since the last one. I feel so much better.

Anyone want to use this thread with me as a check point and encouragment to get showered or bathed? I could use the push and we all could do with a pat on the back when we make ourselves do it.


I just got out of the bath I was reading in there lol.

Feels good


Was it a good book or something?


I shower once every morning. I don’t really understand why showering is difficult with some types of schizophrenia. Could you explain why?


Lack of motivation from negative symptoms.


I took a shower Wednesday. Plan on taking one today.


I could use a shower :blush:, I need someone to wash my back :open_mouth:


Yes it’s a real interesting book!!


I exercised on the treadmill today and then took a shower. I’m proud of myself.


I saw this thread and had to respond. I just had a shower today after about a week. Every 5 days or so if there is hot water like there was today. The shower before today was with cool but not ice cold water. The “hot” water was lukewarm then.


I could not shower in cold water, hate it


Took one this morning, feel really clean!


I hate showers, but my hair needs it

way to go, everyone!


I had a shower this morning but I’ll be needing another tomorrow morning cause I just put loads of wax in my hair cause I’m going out tonight and I know it’s going to be greesey tomorrow now.


I took a shower this morning! I think it’s my third one this week. Whoo-hoo!


I’m off to the shower after this tea, will post pictures later :stuck_out_tongue:


I bathe usually twice a day. Don’t always wash my hair though. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a while though. Imma change today.


I bathed today but didn’t wash my hair. I’ll do that tomorrow.


Done showering.


I took a shower earlier today. I also trimmed my fingernails. Bonus!