Time to get back into the habit


so it’s been three weeks since i last showered or bathed. i’ve been washing my hair and lady bits and using baby wipes to clean my body but it’s not good enough. i’m running a bath as we speak. time to kick this into touch i reckon. when i emerge i will be scrubbed, rinsed, hair washed and shaven. wish me luck!


Good luck to you!

I usually remember to take a bath or shower every 4-5 days. I think. I don’t remember when I showered last. I think it was saturday. But I don’t know.


Way to go just acknowledging it’s time! You will feel so much better after you bathe.

How about adding these to help. Light some candles, Maybe a glass of wine, Relaxing music, Lots of bubbles,

Best of luck!


When I drink and don’t take a shower the next day I look greasy. I’m sweating out alcohol, and I look awful. Good luck with your bath.


I had always taken a bath,sometimes I skip bath on Sunday when I do not work…it’s okay to not bath once in a while


Three weeks!
Man, that’s a long time to not soak in the wonderful bubbles, but as long as you’ve kept them lady parts clean, no harm done-eh?
My grandma once told me that when her sister lived with her for 2years, she only saw her take a bath a couple times. She never smelled that I remember, and if asked, she’d admit a bath only once a year. Claimed she was afraid of the water…wonder if SZ played a part?

oh well, enjoy that bath and the clean feeling soon!


I listen to music when I bath,it’s a habit of mine…I enjoy it(the music),lol


I have not showered in a few days, it’s painful just thinking about it.

Going to really push myself this morning.
Good Luck Jayne!


Congratulations on facing this and taking it head on. :thumbsup:


I shower at least once a week, sometimes more, but every day I wash my face, arms, feet, lady bits and underarms, so I guess its as good as having a shower every day! :smile:


don’t feel bad i :shower: showered this morning , it has been 3 weeks…i smell like :rose: roses in bloom…
" i’m so beautiful "
" i’m so beautiful "…lol

disclaimer: dark sith actually looks like a ’ nutter ’ biker, and definitley does not smell like a :rose: rose.more of a wet muddy manly earth smell…!?!

take care :alien: