Another Shower Thread!

I just showered for the first time in 10 days. Feeling so much better. I wish I could drag myself in there more.

Anyone else fresh and clean or planning to be? Bed so.e motivation- GET SCRUBBING Y,'ALL. You will feel better and ready to face the world!


way to go!

yeah, it does make you feel better.

I’m not sure I have clean clothes though.

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I had to put on the same ones but they aren’t but two days old

I go only about 3 days with out a shower.

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yeah, that’s good.

Phil does all the laundry cuz the light is out down there

I just dread trying to get it done, maybe he has better eye site than I do.

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I just get too wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself when depressed.

I do mine but I wash everyone else’s before mine. Feel like they need it more.

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I shower every day.


I only have 5 days worth of clothes.

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I fell completely out of the shower last month. My wife took out the rubber mat to clean it, and my feet were soapy and I slipped.

Oh man, it was a garage sale! Soap went flying…shampoo bottles scattered…shower curtain came crashing down…and i ended up on the bathroom floor.

I’m lucky I wasn’t seriously hurt…just a bruised hip.

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baths aren’t much better

it’s hard to get out, and I’m so out of shape.


I will take a shower later today… I don’t particularly enjoy it, but it needs to be done! I do it about every third day

My mum used to try to get me to take showers as a kid by saying “you know, schizophrenic people don’t take showers.” Lol if only she knew!

But seriously, I find shower frequency is a good barometer for how well I’m doing. But I’ll probably always resent it. I mean…showering daily (even biweekly!) is pretty decadent. People in China will have one a week & that’s the norm in many places…

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I don’t like to waste water

sometimes I’ll do just a wash cloth bath at my sink.

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I bathe once a day sometimes twice a day but I don’t always wash my hair

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That’s me. I feel like I am using up soap and got water better left for the kids since they go to school and such.

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I used to shower daily but with the sustenna once every 2-3 days. Would be nice to start getting up really early and have a good shower daily. Will update if that ever happens :laughing:


I shower once or twice a week but always feel better afterwards.

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@PatrickT you are making me lol lmfao rofl


I become very mindful in the shower and as I smell the lovely soap I remind myself how could it feels to not be in the hospital (where the shower would always go off and on sporadically) I like to shower everyday but less if I’m really psychotic