Opened up about my illness

today i was at college learning about substance use and misuse and we had to get into groups and answer some questions for a presentation, we only had about 30 mins to prepare so it was totally rushed but i did my best,

i had Q1 to do which was about how the substances effect the body and mind,

so i ended up talking in front of the whole class how i had a mental health problem and i said that i was taking medication for symptoms and i said the symptoms were delusions and paranoia,

this is a big step for me as i have never shared that much before about it ever,

luckily i felt able to do that as i was comfortable with the people in the class and i just thought ‘what the hell’ just thought ‘i may as well’ and it wasn’t as hard as i thought


You should be proud of yourself :muscle:


That’s sort of how it came about for me. The professor showed the class a schizophrenia simulator video and asked us how accurate it was. I said I have schizophrenia and that it was spot on.

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i never said i had sz though i just said delusions and paranoia and symptoms and side effects like weight gain,

i hate that dreaded word ‘schizophrenia’ the guy who penned it must have been a moron lol


whats a schizophrenia simulator video?

It’s first person from our perspective


It is also spot on for those with NOS psychosis as well. Unless I was misdiagnosed :confused:

we should post some of these on here i think :slight_smile:

@mortimermouse how would someone go about seeing one of these videos, I’d like to show one to my daughter to explain what I am not getting across to her?

Here are some samples:

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Anderson Cooper is pretty cool.


sorry but i dont like the top one about voices

but my voices are different, my voices help me and they are normal in my eyes,

only thing is when i was really bad i heard things but it wasnt my normal voice it was like someone outside at the door shouting or noises such as planes and like what i thought was battles in the street.

luckily my meds must have kept it under control but it is very rare for me to hear sounds like that, my inner voice is actually healthy for me, it helps me make decisions and things.

that is why i posted that thread the other day about normal voices and it was weird that firemonkey had just posted about almost the exact same thing as well lol,

here’s the link to the article about normal voices-

its really interesting

What did your telling about yourself have to do with the subject of substances affecting the mind and body?

the last one is probably the closest for me, i hated going to get my refills :frowning:

was scary as hell, some of the people that go in there were very rough and taking methodone, i guess i was lucky nothing happened, actually had them delivered to my house at one point but that stopped,

now luckily it is a bit easier, nicer town, bigger pharmacy, better med.

chordy it was about my medication really and the effects they have like the fact that they help me manage my symptoms like delusions and paranoia but they have bad effects as well like side effects like weight gain, dullness and my eyes as well.

medications are a substance, a substance is a chemical that is made in a lab that effects the mind and body i think

i also talked about pressure to smoke a joint when i was younger.

Thanks for the explanation. Now, I can agree that you took a great step. Did any of the students comment to you afterward?

no they didnt say anything, i actually got called an ‘old charmer’ bc there was an older woman talking herself down and i said ‘you seem like a very nice person’ lol

nobody said anything or even looked at me funny or anything, but its a counselling course and everybody is ok about sharing, most people have something about them like addiction or depression, there is a lot of people that are brave talking about their habits and illness and how it has affected people etc.

No video I’ve ever seen comes close to my experience.

The one where the doctors head is all contorting and ■■■■ reminds me of fear and loathing in Las Vegas.

We must have our suite. Her head turns into some sort of fish eel and snakes out towards him…

But your rooms are ready for you…

I walk down here and your waving that gun around. We’re lucky they didn’t call the cops.

As your attorney I advise you to buy a motor cycle.

Didn’t quite all play out like that but… Good movie.

For me it’s like everything that is spoken or seen has subtitles. Mental understanding passed from mind to mind. No sound. Just the transmission of understanding. It’s almost more visual than it is auditory.

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makes me kind of want to make my own simulation of what i experienced in a 1st person view