Opened up about my illness

I’ve thought about this a lot. In my case it isn’t possible.

One thing these simulations lack is conscious interface.

If people could see how they respond to your thoughts and say different things. If they could see that within 5 minutes your having thoughts of madness.

These sims might capture the idea. But the actual experience. Far from reproducible.

it is somewhat accurate,

I remember when a voice was telling me that electronics were interfering with his frequency, so when i got close to the guitar amp he would get muffled and id here these zinging and static sounds from the amp, It wasn’t even turned on from what i remember. then it would tell me where he comes from a certain part of my head and then hed make me feel that so i knew where he came from.

the bizarreness of madness…

Perhaps belief in such interferences makes it a reality. That is more likely then it actually interfering. Especially if the amp was off. The only field their would be the magnet in the speaker.

I’ve never had any luck with such things.

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i did have a belief i could receive the voices via a frequency. obvious delusion

This will sound vain but it is more of a burden than a blessing, as real life would never require it. I hear two things at once. Wracks the brain for a while. I don’t see anyone picking up a vr set and getting a feel for sz.

The sims wouldn’t be personal.

There would be no interface for thought.

Maybe it captures the basics, but ain’t nothing like it. We should consider ourselves lucky for bearing witness to one of the more complicated phenomenon of this physical universe.

I still feel like it’s something I should be able to close off when I do hear voices. No luck with that either.

you know it wouldnt close off for me for the longest time, it just ended up going away one day, it was nothing that i did, they just went away. they rarely come back now

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Yeah. Their presence is still situational though I can call it all out. I’m ■■■■■■■ glad the voices got better in my case. I’m able to think now.


you know these simulations are not very good.

i think a really good simulation would be in the movie final destination when everything is conspiring to kill them and they are all kind of paranoid but they handle it better than i ever would,

idk whether to post it or not as it would be really triggering so i wont post it lol.

Takes me back… I should be dead. If anything other than chance, it was fate that saved me.