Online dating is just weird to me

Maybe it’s because I grew up in an era where people just “hooked up” by meeting in person all the time.

I created a couple profiles but I might take them down due to paranoia. Have any of you had any luck with online dating? If so do you disclose your illness fairly soon?

Thanks for reading :v:


I’d almost given up when i met my husband on line
told him on date 3

  • 10 years on the 15th

'Tis a numbers game…

and allow the unexpected

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I never had any luck on them, few e mails back and forth but that was about it, I never tried very hard though, gave up dating all together years ago, to me it just not worth all the drama and stuff.


Very true it is a numbers game. :+1:

I am trying to be open-minded about it.

Sure glad I missed this whole online dating stuff.

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You never tried it?

My thing is I never know what to write when I find a lady who I think is both attractive and shares the same interests.

I am like “Hi, I think you seem really cool ughhhh…” LOL


Only for the week I was in between my ex and my current hubby, and this was only because ok cupid (Prior account made to use their tests/quizzes) made it easy to answer their questionaire and submit.
Honestly, yes, I was curious how much response I’d get, but I was made it very clear I wasn’t interested in any kind of a relationship.
It was really sad how many guys came up with ways to be pathetic.
Creeped me out to say the least, so I never responded to them.

Could have a list of questions to ask at the ready with details how you feel on the questions you are asking.

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Yeah thank you. That is a good idea.

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I’m not comfortable with online dating sites also @Chrishasheart.
Too many bad seeds out there.


Yeah those are exactly my sentiments too @Wave I lead a pretty simple and drama-free life. Well…I try to at least.

And having all these profiles out there just makes me paranoid about who will seek me out.


For me, the interesting ones (I read both guys and girls just out of curiosity) were the ones that explained a bit about themselves, but not revealed too much.
Leave a little bit to discover for later, but let that be a good thing to discover.
Think benign. Neutral even.
Don’t expect too much, from yourself or them, just relax and keep things light.
Impress with an open mind and willingness to wait for the natural progression of a relationship.
Boy if this don’t make me sound ancient, not sure any of this will help anyone.


No that makes sense to me. Like - leave it kind of mysterious but open to anything new. Thank you @Csummers :v:

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I think I’m too young and underdeveloped to start dating anyone.

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One time waster after another so many are abusive and only looking for one thing. It’s one thing if they told you first thing but they lie

I’m far too paranoid for online dating. Also you can click with someone well online and then not in person.

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I met my husband online. I am a very weird person, and he is a very weird person. The odds of us meeting anyone naturally were very low. Filling out a questionnaire and being matched was definitely the way to go for us. I told him on the third date. We used OkCupid.


This is true in some scenarios. However, I think that falling in love online can follow similar traits of falling in love in person.

I think some psychologists even did studies on this, I read the article they published a long time ago.

Take care :v:

It seems like a lot of people have had good results with Okcupid. Cool that you found someone that understand you.

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