Online dating website experiences

The start of this year I joined a dating website and I sent inappropriate pics of myself. They weren’t completely naked but along those lines kind of pics.

I feel like I stooped so low in my self respect :pensive:

That kind of thing bothers me cos Idk if they still have my pics. They did ask I didn’t just send for no reason lol. Well now that it’s happened I just accept it

It was two guys. One of them he was so hot kind of guy but kinda intimidating to me, the other guy I just did it out of boredom but he was sweet too until he got snappy at me for no reason.

It’s funny how I can come across so many kinds of people on online dating.

Then there was this other guy he was really cool I could relate to him but I just didn’t feel confident enough and mature enuf to continue it. So I told him so. It’s a shame but I think it was for the best.

Wat are ur online dating experiences like?

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At one point I just wanted sex at least to start off with so I said that and some guys were put off one guy was really glad about that. He even sent me wat porn he was watching

Now I think wen I’m ready I just want to be in a healthy normal relationship with a guy. No sex for a long time, if ever. I’m still not sure about kissing too. I’m so picky I hope there is someone out there that clicks with me. I think there will be.
As @SacredNeigh7 says I want our hearts to click haha.

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I’ve never done online dating. It seems like a minefield. :bomb:

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I think it’s cool if u are prepared to go past the pen pal stage.

I wasn’t so tbh it wasn’t gonna get me far. Unless a rare opportunity would have appeared

I like how it’s like a catalogue of people u can just flick ur way through lol.

I don’t mind the rejection I’m not expecting everyone to fancy me


I met my SO on hinge. I used and abused dating apps, and was turning into a bit of a ■■■■* haha. However, they work if you really put yourself out there

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I have never done any online dating and I probably never shall do it. I am happy to be single.

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oh yeah, done the boobies shots, and stuff,

and men send their member pics. Don’t sweat it.

Don’t think that happened with Phil on POF.

We met right away. I picked him up at a hotel in a town close by,
he came to my house, and he never left.


I wish you much happiness and love and that you meet the good partner for you.

I met my x boyfriend on oasis and we were together for about 21/2 years.
I was very happy with him and he was the best partner but he did not “allow “ me to go vegan and that’s the main reason I left.

We chatted for about a week or two and then I paid him about $200 I think for petrol and he rode his motorbike interstate for three days or so to meet me on out first date.

I saw his motorbike out front and he stayed at my place for four days.
We had sex and booked a ticket for me to go to SA to stay a few months over Xmas.

We spent one month apart then I somehow managed to fly to Adelaide and he picked me up and I was a little uncomfortable or scared in car .

His house is covered with sculls and scelletons and is sooooo cool.

It was the most peaceful loving home I ever had and I adored his three dogs.

I met my current boyfriend on plenty of fish :tropical_fish:.
Turns out we are neighbors.:open_mouth:

He is the best sex I ever had I think even better than the father of my unborn son who my heart clicked with.

He is funny and makes me laugh, good looking,sexiest man I ever seen, kind, compliments me and says he loves me every day.

He is not perfect as he has a hell temper and gets angry easily etc but I am happy with him and grateful to be with him.

I met a millionaire on oasis too but he wanted to be a swinger and I didn’t and he wasn’t that nice to me and he was cheapest man I ever had.

My other x boyfriend in Sweden was the poorest yet the most generous.
He doesn’t work and I met him in psychiatric hospital.
He used to buy me pizzas and say our money despite that he had more than me.

My current boyfriend and I have separate economy which suits me.

I’m not a gold digger.

He wants me to sign a prenup if we marry or live together in the future and made it clear anything and everything he owns goes to his sons.

My dad met his wife on plenty of fish.

I have also had pictures on internet.
Nude ones even.


Generally neutral experiences, sometimes neutral-negative, but I can think of at least one positive experience!

The father of my unborn son and I were more intimate perhaps because our hearts clicked and I cried on him and we looked into each other’s eyes and he talked to me.

My boyfriend and I don’t do that as such.

I want to be one with him .so intimate in sacred Union but we will get there maybe I will cry on him too.

Anyway dating sites can be great but be careful of scammers.

I was lucky my x wasn’t a scammer.

He could of kept that money but he didn’t.

Don’t send money is advice that I didn’t take with him because he didn’t have enough for petrol .

Dated a guy I met on plenty of fish for 4 years. He turned out to be a narcissist. He did horrible things and ruined my life.

I met my gal the old fashioned way…she picked me up in a Bar! :+1:

But of course, we’ve always told our daughters we met at a Church Picnic! :smile:


You can’t tell what kind of person you’re gonna run into online. It’s dangerous. It’s easier to meet someone at work, or through a friend these days. I don’t have the health to be single and not even a tiniest bit of interest in another relationship.

Although i did meet my partner on the internet, it wasn’t through a dating site. He was actually the first guy that i’d ever approached for a more meaningful relationship. I have never had any other partner. The internet can be a great place to meet people, but you always have to be careful of the creeps.

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I married a girl I met on the internet but it wasn’t through dating sites. I did toy with ok cupid for a while but this was way back like 15 years or so and it was all like 10 year older women who were interested. Strange how that works but that seemed pretty common. The women my age were dating men 10 years younger than me so more power to them.

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I checked it out for a few weeks. To be honest it scared me to death. Within days I had guys wanting to meet me in person and making sexual advances towards me. I wasn’t ready for that. I felt the men were too forward. I was looking for that certain special someone, not just anyone. He wasn’t there. I closed all my accounts and cut off contact with all the men I met. The most memorable thing about the experience was when I was about to go on a date with one of the men I called to check on arrangements and he wanted to know what kind of panties I was going to wear. I couldn’t believe it. Obviously I cancelled the date and broke off contact with him.

I’m with a person I met on OKCupid right now. She’s really kind.

I get ignored by girls I’m into and contacted by girls I’m not into. It’s pretty much always been like that. I think I have a tendency to shoot outside of my league.

I find asian women very attractive for some reason. I know some people think that’s racist, but you can’t control who you are attracted to. I think it’s just a preference. I mean Kim Kardashian never hooked up with anybody who wasn’t African American and nobody called her out on it as something bad.

Yep I came across a great guy too on there. It is like tkmaxx. That shop is full of unwanted clothes but if u devote some time there u can find some good finds

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I think lots of guys like Asian women. Its funny how that works.

I came across someone of a certain race and he was so awful that now I avoid that race. I know it sounds bad but I can’t help it.