One of those days?

Ever have one of those days where you see what people REALLY think of you? And it’s not nice? Had that day at work today but still manged to get the job done. But it seems like everybody was going out of their way to show me I’m nothing and they don’t respect me. Eating humble pie at age 53.

I might be wrong.

Though you don’t do it conciously, you might be sending out some kind of signals and people are responding to that. The world is full of imperfect people - I’m speaking about others here.

Have you considered some kind of therapy for just this particular issue? I see you being alone in this. My 2 cents.

Good response. I’ve brought it up in therapy before. I hate the feeling. Some “friends” have literally called me nothing. Yeah, I’ve never met anyone else who goes through this. It’s always me… and then there’s me looking at all the REAL people.

Kick some ~!@#…!
Not literally of course…
Act like a duck-let it roll off…

I thought it was act like a turtle and let it roll off your back

Ducks keep walking in the rain. They have rubber feet.

Interesting. When rainis the insults of people. That’s how it seems when it rains it pours. I’m pretty much at peace with everyone in my life. I guess I’m lucky

Some days you’re the pigeon some days you’re the statue. It was a bumper sticker on one of my tdocs computers…You just have to rise above it all.

It’s best not to dwell on things like that. If you really can’t live with it, dig in and do your job better than everyone else. Competence trumps any kind of social put down. Show them you know what you’re doing.