One of my dogs just bit

One of my 2 dogs just bit me in the face. I have 4 puncture wounds. He jumped on my lap for pets, then my other dog did the same. I think they were competing for attention, but not sure. Anyway I’m bleeding and it hurts. I cleaned with rubbing alcohol, the put antibiotic ointment on the wounds. :(. Do we have to put him down? My husband is wondering because he has bitten several times now.

Can you ask the vet?

Learning from @Wave!

I should have said my other thoughts. I am so sorry you were bit! How awful!


I’m sorry that you got bit by your dog.
Hope you start feeling better soon.

Yeah talk to your vet.

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I don’t like pets, and I would never have a pet. They are lower species.

The world is lacking in Cesar Milans.

I don’t think we have enough information to say that the dog should be put down.

Think they would only do that if he was aggressive with everyone or had something like rabies?..

My dog has bitten me on the foot and the eyebrow and made me bleed. This was because he has a bit of a rocky relationship with me. Also, he may have been hurting in his stomach area and chest area from a condition he has.

Dogs don’t bite for no reason and most can be trained/conditioned to be more calm.

But its going to come down to how they learn from their home environment.

It was upsetting to get bit, but after a while we have less incidences and he likes me more.

Sometimes it comes down to ‘vibes’ a person might have.

Random dogs outside I encounter without a leash I know aren’t going to bite so I don’t run or show fear.

They see there is no threat and go running back to their owner usually.


Maybe get them into some kind of training


Please dont let kids near this dog. If my dog bit someone I’d bring it to a shelter. Ì love her but I love my kids more.


My dog follows me all over the house all day long. We have a good relationship.


My dog only follows my brother…

To the kitchen. Hoping for food and treats. :confused:


I don’t tolerate dogs who bite, and I’ve had A LOT of foster dogs over the years. There are too many good dogs in shelters who are dying and would never bite. I’ve had to put down two because of biting out of probably 50. I’d consult with a trainer and a veterinarian. It sounds like the situation may have encouraged the bite, but a professional would know how best to handle it… Please, keep the dog away from anyone who isn’t in your household, especially children! Whatever happened, if you have puncture wounds, you should see a doctor so you can get on antibiotics.


My dog has already bitten kids. We don’t allow him near children anymore. Apparently the dogs can’t share my lap either.

Have you had a tetanus shot recently? If not you need to go to the doctor immediately. Like right now. And they should check for rabies as well. They did that when I got a tiny wound from my dogs tooth.

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@anon9798425 I had a tetanus shot last year so I’m good. My dogs have both been vaccinated for rabies so we’re good there too. Thanks for the suggestions though. :slight_smile:


That’s good! Then you’re safe.


I would take them to a shelter. I don’t tolerate biting. Especially not multiple times and especially not having already bitten children. Hard pass.


I had to put down a dog a few years ago that bit. The last straw was biting at my little girl. It was all food aggression. She bit my daughter over a dropped rice krispy.

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My dog would do that too. My other dog never bites.

my greyhound bit me on the nose leaving a 2inch long scar


That sucks @san_pedro!!!

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If it’s bitten YOU you don’t have to get it put down, that’s more for if it bites random people and they report it to animal control or the police or whoever and then you have like one warning and then after that it has to get put down I think.

It’s up to you what you want to do. I would recommend hiring a trainer if you can to work with the dog’s aggression issues, so that you and your family are not at risk any longer.