One good thing you did today

Tell me one good thing you did today because that’s all it takes one little thing your proud of every little day.
Today I had a conversation with someone and didn’t get confused for 16 minutes. The whole time just talking without the delusions getting in the way! I’m proud of me!
What have you guys done today?


I wanted to drink a glass of wine today but kept my mouth shut and drank water. Also, gave my mom a big hug and told her I love her. She just lost her dad, she’s not well.


Sounds like a tough time but you are doing well xx thoughts are with your family at this difficult time xx

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I used my magical powers to allow Uconn to beat Ohio state

And stayed sober

Played with my cat

Took my meds

Lifted weights and then talked to my psychologist about my future plans.

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Take it from me, wine is bad mmkay???

This disease is terrible, with all I’ve said lately about how substance abuse is ruining my life and you’re still tempted to drink. It’s not your fault it’s the disease

Hang in there minnii

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Yeah, you know, like when we think we’re fine and healthy and well all of the things that remind us of why we want sobriety seem to get in the background, but we gotta stay strong. There are obstacles that we need to overcome sometimes, today was one. No biggie, I was strong.

Thank you.

I petted the dog with PTSD :smile:


It just gets worse and worse. The longer I use, if I take a break and go back I think I could have one drink, but within months I’ll be drinking 6 times a week, and it’ll only lead me right back to the drugs. Every time I use I feel my schizoaffective gets worse too. Keep jumping those hurdles because I’ve been there recently, and there’s no unicorn or pot of gold at the bottom of that bottle. Which was always my justification for drinking. I’d suggest this drug naltrexone , it really is helping with cravings so far. If you feel you need it

Turningthepage seems like your struggling at the moment hope your okay just keep working through

I get that, the beggining is always the worst part, then its the maintnance part that’s hard. But yeah you know in the end it’s a choice each one makes for themselves. Can’t really blame it on the illnesses you know?

Good luck ttp, I wish you all the best.

No not struggling atm…just saying if I took one drink I’d be struggling for real

It feels like I’ve already beaten it cuz of naltrexone … But then it comes bites you in the ass when you don’t know it. I guess everyone’s different cuz minnii experiences the disease vastly different than I do. It’s not really a choice for me, I’ve been brainwashed, addicted, manipulated and corrupted…through my illness and nothing else. I need a placebo cure like naltrexone … My mind needs to know it’s being helped or else it will continue to be hurt by how I’ve been brainwashed.

take care :alien:


I went to a restaurant for breakfast. Tried to overcome a setback this afternoon. Laid out Christmas lights. Overcame heavy sedation and difficulty walking by waiting out the sedation and not falling down when I walked.


I experimented with drums
on my keyboard. Yesterday I left a CD for a stranger to find


Went out to lunch with my sister. Went to my appointment with my new doctor. He didn’t show up but at least I made it there.


Baked Christmas cookies :smile:

If you walk down the hall with a camera making a movie, people will speak to you. I was careful not to point it at them. I was headed for the exit door to the stairs, beyond which is a small Christmas wonderland of lighted deer. The movie is for a friend.


Did you like the CD?

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Sent out most of my Christmas cards… this usually takes me a while…

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