Tell me how your day is going

How is your day going? How are you feeling?
I hope everyone has a good day and if your day isn’t going so good, I hope it gets better and you find a reason to smile today.


have had a really good day so far :slight_smile:


I went off meds for 6 weeks, and ended up going through hell, so went back on a sub therapeutic dose a few days ago, and now I feel fine. If this keeps up, maybe I can get by on that dose and actually tolerate it long term. So today hope is back!


I took my dog to the park since it was a nice day and she was bored. That was fun. I’m back home now and don’t know what to do with myself haha.

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It’s going, going, going to be gone and I will consider it another victorious day when I wake up tomorrow knowing that I didn’t break down and drink any alcohol or smoke anything at all. The major thing that I am doing now, is what I am not doing anymore.


The weather has been sunny now it is cooler and rainy
Tomorrow I’m going on a mindfulness retreat

My day Is so so. My partner tells me she wants to stay with her parents while my mom is pressuring for me to move in with them and take care of her.

Its 8:13pm now and night time, so feeling more relaxed. Today was ok, had fun with hubby, then went out. Tomorrow’s weekend, so feeling happy. Hope to go to the flea market again this Sunday :smiley:

Today is going great! I did the laundry! Took a long nap! Not the rainy morning is turning into a sunny afternoon. Day looks good!

I’m having a bit of a rough day, I feel my emotions swinging around, which happens when I do too much extreme physical activity. I quit the martial arts gym today because my doctor said to never get hit in the head again when I showed up with a broken nose. I picked it back up to help quit smoking but it’s too extreme and I need to put the past (physical fighting) behind me, that’s something I am not all that proud of and I tend to not tell people that I did that.

I like bodybuilding, it’s healthy and not dangerous and I’m all natural I even quit the preworkout drinks. I need to take a breather before summer classes and enjoy my accomplishments from this past year. I made a 4.0 among other things! I am going to dinner with my girlfriend as soon as she gets off work, and tomorrow there is a reunion party hosted by the salutorian and good friend of mine from my high school, it was a small international school and I love my friends from there, that’s how my girlfriend and I met, we were both alumns and we got chatting online and started dating!

I just did my chest and back routine and am taking it easy. I might read or review my research literature or something for the next few hours. Probably read. Maybe I’ll just watch an episode of China Illionois instead.

Thanks for asking how we are doing, I hope you’re doing well yourself!

I’m gonna go back to NAMI meetings, I need to be healthy and contribute to the local mentally ill community and likewise enjoy the support they give.

I get carried away and forget that I have what I have- I am just so used to the symptoms by now.


I’ve been working on making today better then yesterday and making tomorrow better then today.

Little by little.

Today is good. The sun is out, the breeze is gentle and all the people I know are safe and healthy. (for the most part)

Today I have strawberries and time… so I’m going to find a quiet spot under a good tree… eat the berries and read a favorite book

Good despite a lot of anxiety. I asked a girl out though to meet my family and go on my parents boat and she said yes. So sunday it’ll be me, my sister, her bf, my mom, my dad, and this girl (who i met at work) instead of just the usual 5 of us where I feel alienated because I’m with two couples. I’ve gone to this girls house before so it’s not our first time hanging out outside of work but cool because she’ll meet my parents and I think they’ll get along really well with her.

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Saturday here and pretty much done nothing. Mostly been raining today which is kind of how I feel. Will try and drag myself off the bed to do some housework sometime this weekend though.

Nothing special, slept well the last night, now it is the morning. Nothing special but listening music.

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Just another day to battle the demons of addiction and self destruction. You can not afford to ever lower your guard once you have made the decision to rid yourself of them, for they are always waiting for you to show signs of weakening so they can pounce on you with all they have for to drag you back into the darkness where they dwell. This war is one that I have made for myself so as to either win or be destroyed by those pure defeatisms that I wake up to do battle with everyday and every minute there of.

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I didn’t do much today. I am trying to will myself to keep breathing…having premonitions and want to change them- and Im afraid. Someone was pounding on the door, twice, another stalker prob. or construction worker who knows but it was too quiet to know for sure. I think it’s related to someone committing suicide. But I avoid people most often, and I keep to myself. I hear voices that said bad things are going on, and I know that and I think Im just gonna commit myself, but Im scared to do that also.

Holy hangover

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Today is Saturday . Slept in. Enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day. Thinking of cutting back on the caffeine. On and off show ears expected today with temperatures up to 80degrees. Should be nice. Going to relax and enjoy the day, may spend the day in my pajamas for a change.


Tell me @kelnugget - How is your day going?

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It’s a lovely day out there x
Reading the papers w my mum, while sister drinks herself into more and more depression