One depressing day after another

So sick of feeling this way. My house is getting worse and worse. I can’t catch up. I’m headachy and dizzy. I never get any answers.

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I felt like that for the last week. Things seem a bit better today. I hope things improve for you too. Don’t let it get you down.


Hang in there @FatMama. I’ve found, in my life at least, that things come and go in cycles. It will be bad for a while and then get better for a while. At least you have awesome kids to help you get through all this, right? Keep fighting. You will make it.


Yes my kids are so amazing. They own my heart


For starters, you might want to consider changing your tagline to something a little more positive. It’s a defeatist tagline…and you’re better than that.

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It’s a line from one of my poems. Most of my poetry is kind of edgy and not positive.

How about this for a tagline…

"Aging Like a Fine Wine" :wink:

I think it’s more upbeat and describes you better.


Can you break it down in to steps and do say just the dishes and washing and cooking today and the vacuuming and mopping tomorrow …

Feeling overwhelmed sucks.

Maybe say I will do the dishes then I will have a cup of coffee and then I will do the washing and then I will rest for a while with a nice lunch or so…

Depression sucks.

My x was/is? Manic depressive and he could usually get me to feel better but I could not seem to do the same for him.
My stepmom I’m living with suffers from depression that she just lays in bed for a few days sometimes and I don’t know what I could do for her but her mum told me to just leave her alone.

Anders used to take me to a lake for a dip to get out of depression or wintertime to a public pool for sauna and dip .
I could not seem to drag them to do this though when they are down.

When I was a child I had apathy deep depression feelings of hopelessness heaviness etc
I did not get understanding and help either instead they got angry at me which didn’t help but made it worse.

Hope you will feel better soon and feel on top of your cleaning and home again.

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Thank you. Tomorrow I was supposed to go out with my proctor but she had to cancel. I’m okay with that. That gives me all day Friday and Saturday to try to get things done.

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