On the path to quit cigarrettes

So I am using champix to quit smoking… I am on my 12th day of using champix and so far it’s going good. I don’t feel like smoking at all since 3 days.
But the urge to smoke hasn’t gone yet.

I keep going to the cafe near my house to smoke cigarettes. Since the last couple of days I have been lighting up a cigerrette and keep throwing it off mid way.

So when will this urge come down and become zero? I hate smoking as of now but the urge to light a cigerrette hasn’t died yet.

Please advise on this.


All I can say is keep trying.
Don’t give up.


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I got off a serious nicotine habit on the champix. I just got a couple of weeks in and just stopped buying cigs. The physical withdrawals just never happened and I just stopped. I couldn’t afford it so the money I was saving was incentive enough.

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My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago at age 60. I decided to go get screened and they found two growths in my lungs at age 42. They said the growths in my lungs were to small to be considered cancer and to come back next year. Well next year was this past April and I never went back because of covid. I was told not to go near a hospital. So I went back to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he was all pissed because I didn’t go get screened again. He was the A hole that told me not to go near a hospital. The growths in my lungs were 4 mm they need to be 6 to be considered cancer.

I haven’t had a cigarette since last April but I’ve been vaping. I can breath a lot better but I know it’s still dangerous. I think I’m hopelessly addicted. I’m probably living on borrowed time as it is.

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